Make your fantasies come to life with these lifelike oppai sex toys. You can squeeze them, rub them or even suck on the nipple and watch it erect! The materials are soft and bouncy that feel realistic like you are touching a woman's body: perfect paizuri, nipple playing and bakunyuu characters or Japanese pornstars lovers!
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Oppai meaning

Oh, you cheeky rascal! You want to know about "oppai," huh? Well, oppai is a Japanese word that's often used to refer to a very particular, uh, pair of assets, shall we say? Yep, you guessed it – it's all about the bosom buddies, the chesticles, the twins up top, the... you get the drift, right?

In less scandalous terms, "oppai" simply means "breasts" in Japanese. But, oh, it's more than just a word – it's a cultural phenomenon, an expression of appreciation, and sometimes, even a source of great entertainment! Anime and manga fans, in particular, might be quite familiar with the term, as it's often playfully discussed and featured in these forms of media.

So, next time you hear someone mention "oppai" with a sly grin, remember, it's all in good fun – just a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge to celebrate the wonderful diversity of human anatomy! 😜


How to play with oppai sex toys? 

Alright, gentlemen! Now we’re delving into a topic that might make some blush and others curious. We’ve got these lovely breast replicas here, but remember, these are funny tools for personal pleasure. 

So, let’s get started! 🌟

1. Touch

Feel the texture, the softness, the bounce. Just like in real life, every touch is a dialogue. So talk, listen, and learn what feels good. These replicas are here to help you understand the sensitivity and response. Gentle nipple touches, caresses, and exploration – it’s a journey, my friends!

2. Squeeze

Now, a little squeeze! These aren’t stress balls but a simulation of something beautifully sensitive and responsive. Find that balance, feel the give and take, and remember – every touch tells a story.

3. Paizuri (A Journey Between the Peaks)

Ah, the mystical land of Paizuri, a Japanese term that may be new to some. It’s where the mountains meet, and the valley welcomes you. But tread lightly! And don't forget the lube, mate! Everything's better with a bit of slide! 😁🍆 Lubrication is your trusted ally, ensuring a smooth and pleasurable ride for all involved - even when it’s just you and your trusty replica.

Happy exploring! 🚀


Our Collections of Oppai are  Tailored for Pleasure

At Onaholand we have selection the best Oppai toys for you. You're bound to find a pair of breasts to suit your wildest fantasies. Whether you simply want to relax by caressing and kneading tits or savor the pleasures of the Paizuri, we have everything you could wish for. And for the more adventurous and connoisseur, our Nipple fuck oppai is here too!
You'll also find our selection of oppai mousepad board with covers to enjoy the joys of a good pair of tits during your gaming session.

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