KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167) 1
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)10
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)12
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)5
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)6
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)7
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)8
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)4
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)3
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)2
KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167)9

Kaku Meiki Mimizu 700

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✅ Brand : PEACH TOYS ✅ Color : Purple ✅ Weight : ✅ Length : ✅ Lotion included (about 2 uses only)

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KAKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700(カクメイキミミズナナヒャク)(KIY167) 1

Kaku Meiki Mimizu 700

Regular price $33.90
Sale price $33.90 Regular price
Product description
Features Hentai Anime
Fantasy Cyborg
Type of simulation Vaginal
Material TPE
Structure Dual Layer
Number of Holes 1
Hole type Closed-hole
Product Length 180mm / 7.08in
Product Width 82mm / 3.22in
Net Weight 500g / 1.1lbs
Lotion included Yes (about 2 uses only)

This onahole has 990 folds, including vertical folds, winding folds, and even folds on the surface! The material changes from front to back, so you can enjoy a full range of folds in both zones!
It is a highly gimmicky onahole with intricately arranged fissures. The combination of different materials (purple in the first half and transparent in the second half) and the gimmick itself (projecting folds in the first half and winding folds in the second half) are different for the first and second halves.

The insertion feeling changes by vacuuming. Please enjoy the series of folds, the different materials used for the front and back halves, and the gimmick!



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Anonymous (CA)
Great feel marred by oil, smell and low durability.

05/24/24 Edit: Onaholand was able to provide me with a refund due to the manufacturing defect. I've raised the rating but I won't go higher than the original 4 stars that I had given it because the rating should reflect the reliability and user experience of the product and not the retailer.

05/13/24 Edit: On the second time I used this, I noticed a tiny hole on the side which was not there on the first usage. Liquid can now exit and spill out of this hole during intended usage as shown in the second image and I have now lowered my review from 4/5 to 1/5. Peach Toys is great at tunnel design but awful at quality control and material design.

Original review: My copy has a manufacturing defect where the tunnel is off axis which causes an imbalance in the feel.

Besides that, this is a soft and lower stimulation product which it has a very consistent feeling texture throughout the entire tunnel. I would recommend using a thinner or slightly diluted lube to help feel the large number of textures. The narrow section near the end leading to a chamber is quite noticeable and adds enough variation to what otherwise would feel more bland like a Ride Japan product. The wider design of the tunnel makes it great for forcing the air out before insertion to appreciate the suction that it can offer.

In terms of appearance, I like the minimal look and the bright color. The transparent part is kind of fun to look at while in use. I really appreciate that the simple box design too.

Now onto the bad. Because this product is made of softer materials, it is quite prone to damage during use and cleaning. Unlike some other soft materials which are made to stretch, the best I can describe it is that it could crumble or it feels brittle if you tried to get a bit rougher with it. When cleaning after the first use, I noticed a tear at the entrance which was quite worrying. I used a soldering iron to enlarge the size of the entrance and mend the tear to prevent this from happening the next time.

In addition to that, the product is quite oily and it has a moderate amount of chemical smell to it. I would imagine that this could cause irritation to some people. This is consistent with other Peach Toys offerings such as the Zero Succubus Gal standard.

Cleaning wise, the tunnel is designed with a decent amount of empty space inside which makes it easy but the narrow entrance makes it more difficult to flush with water. Usually it would make sense to stretch the entrance but the durability would make you think twice about it.

Despite all of its shortcomings, it is a fantastic feeling product and worth giving a try when it goes on sale. I would recommend this to people who are more careful with their toys and own a number of other toys in rotation to prevent excessive wear.

Anonymous (US)
Kaku Meiki Mimizu 700

Super nice. Feels good. It is quite soft, so I don't know if it's quite durable for those who pound hard. But, if you're gentle it's nice. Also, without lube, you won't be using it well.

Oh, you've ventured into the soft, sensual embrace of the Kaku Meiki Mimizu 700 and emerged absolutely glowing with satisfaction! Five stars? You're truly riding the waves of pleasure.

This delight whispers of soft caresses and gentle journeys, perfect for the lover of tender explorations. Remember, though, it's a dance that demands the smooth glide of lube to truly unlock its pleasures—a must for a seamless, oh-so-satisfying ride.

So, for those who love a gentle touch, the Kaku Meiki Mimizu 700 is your siren call. Just keep it gentle, keep it slick, and let the good times roll. Here's to your blissful, five-star adventures! ✨

Aika S.