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Puff Puff oppai paizuri [Madoka's huge oppai]

Regular price $98.90
Sale price $98.90 Regular price $122.90
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✅ Perfect for paizuri ✅ I-cup ✅ Brand : Magic Eyes ✅ Weight :3kg / 6.61lbs ✅ Length : 290mm / 11.42in ✅ Lotion included (about 2 uses only)

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Puff Puff Bakunyu Oppai

Puff Puff oppai paizuri [Madoka's huge oppai]

Regular price $98.90
Sale price $98.90 Regular price $122.90
Product description
FEATURES Hentai Anime
FANTASY Bakunyuu, Paizuri
TYPE OF SIMULATION Touch, squeeze, Paizuri, tits job
MATERIAL Magiceyes Skin, TPE
STRUCTURE Triple layer
PRODUCT LENGTH 290mm / 11.42in
PRODUCT WIDTH 230mm / 9.05in
PRODUCT HEIGHT 120mm / 4.72in
NET WEIGHT 3kg / 6.61lbs
LOTION INCLUDED Yes (about 2 uses only)

The material is like real human skin with zero stickiness or smell.
It is made of Love Lava Skin with skin coating. It has three layers: the nipple layer, the skin layer, and the inner layer.
The weight is a practical 3.0 kg, and the rubbing and pulling feeling is better than the real tits.
A poster is included.



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Anonymous (US)

pretty fun to squish but not too practical for anything else

Diving into the squishy delights of the Giji ChitsuPuff Puff oppai paizuri [Madoka's huge oppai], you've found yourself ensnared by the simple pleasure of a good squish, rating it a playful four stars! It's clear the tactile joy of Madoka's generous assets has tickled your fancy, though you're left craving a dash more versatility from your amorous explorations.

Remember, the path to pleasure often meanders through the unexpected. Madoka's bountiful offerings invite you to revel in the joy of touch, even as you seek out those practical pleasures.

Keep that adventurous spirit burning, and who knows what delightful discoveries await with a bit of imagination? Here's to finding that perfect blend of fun and function in your next escapade!

Stay playful,
Aika S.

A fun albeit small disappointment

Even though the feel of them is amazing, I still found them somewhat lackluster to use for paizuri.

The size is good, but due to being to soft it felt closer to humping the air than actually rubbing against s great set of tits. Found they also deform relatively quick if you grab a bit too hard, my pair has already gotten several in dents where my thumbs applied pressure.

Over all a positive experience, but it leaves something to be desired.

Thanks for taking a sec to share your thoughts on the Puff Puff oppai paizuri [Madoka's huge oppai]! Bummed to hear it wasn't a complete slam dunk for you.

Totally get where you're coming from with wanting a bit more resistance. Sounds like you were hoping for more of a 'Madoka gives back as much as you give' kinda feel. We'll definitely keep that feedback in mind.

Bummer about the thumb dents too. We're always trying to strike the right balance between soft and durable, and it seems like we've got a bit more homework to do there.

Glad to hear you still had a positive experience overall! Thanks for keeping it real, and let's hope the next one is a home run for ya.

Sakura S.