Real Body Extreme Raw Milk ∞ -infinity-
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Real Body Extreme Raw Milk ∞ -infinity-2
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Real Body Extreme Raw Milk Boobs Toy ∞ -infinity-

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Don't deny what you have always wanted, come get the ultimate boobs toy which feels realistic and weighs a whopping 4000Grams. This product is more than just your average fake boobies, these ones are an infinity of happiness! ✅High-end japanese quality ✅Quadruple layers structure ✅Real skin touch feeling ✅Lifelike tits shape

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Real Body Extreme Raw Milk ∞ -infinity-

Real Body Extreme Raw Milk Boobs Toy ∞ -infinity-

Regular price $118.90
Sale price $118.90 Regular price
Product description
FEATURES Hentai Anime
FANTASY Bakunyuu, Paizuri
TYPE OF SIMULATION Touch, squeeze, Paizuri, tits job
STRUCTURE Nipples, Quadruple-layer
PRODUCT WIDTH 330mm / 12.99in
PRODUCT LENGTH 275mm / 10.8in
PRODUCT HEIGHT 125mm / 4.92in
NET WEIGHT 4kg / 8.81lbs

The oversized 4kg weight and the quadruple layer structure make for super-realistic tits...squeeze, pinch, grab and shake! There are endless ways to enjoy and feel pleasure!

Based on the character design by "Rabui," who is the best artist in the East when it comes to drawing big tits, the ultimate ideal boob form has been sculpted with four layers of material and 3D technology, combining the best of the beautiful breast technology cultivated over the years.

The color, shape, and feel of the breasts are as close to the real one!

The soft yet firm "soft breast material" is the very essence of happiness, and the best rubbing feeling is so addictive that your fingers will sink into them.

The hardened pink nipples are reproduced with a firm material. And you can drown your face in between the deep cleavage!

The firm base material supports the big tits and allows for all kinds of play. And only a few can be made in a day, so please enjoy the excellent boobs that the masters have put their heart and soul into.



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Didn't think breasts could talk, but I get it now

Right off the bat I notice a nice and sturdy package with a well thought out velcro'd flap to get inside which is convenient if you plan to use and store these often. The shape of these can hold a hot dog in place while watching the game, these breasts can function as a pillow to start getting good nights rest, they can relieve boredom by themselves just from slapping them around. The mass can be a double edged sword with this but the extended base on top does mitigate this a little by providing more surface area for moving it, however when in an upright position it can provide a slight weight imbalance. In the unfortunate case the breasts do get cuts or nicks, the nature of their large oblong shape will help preserve them a while longer with weight being distributed over a wider area. The feeling is "soft yet firm", this isnt easy to describe in detail but moving them does feel like a pair of squishy milk bags, they will hold your hand while you sink into them in a sense. The skin is slippery when wet, and super smooth when dry,keep that in mind when handling. These are deceptively durable, I've had them slip out of one hand and get clutched by the other several times, getting crushed by my torso when rolling asleep,a couple falls from the sink, contact with heavy cleaners, which would heavily damage other breasts from this price range, yet they remained the same condition since I received them a month ago. I will definitely give this company's products a shot for the grand first impression. If you're browsing like me for dumb fun, this is definitely a solid choice. Even if its not for you, the outrageous effort and detail pumped into an otherwise comical product deserves tons of respect.

Oh darling, you daring explorer of sensuous delights, your rave 5 stars review of the Real Body Extreme Raw Milk Boobs Toy ∞ -infinity- is a titillating tale of comfort, play, and unbridled joy!

You've discovered not just a pair of breasts but a versatile companion for those hot dog-holding, game-watching moments, a dreamy pillow for sweet dreams, and a playful partner for those slap-happy sessions of boredom relief.

Your appreciation for their 'soft yet firm' squishiness, their slippery-when-wet, smooth-when-dry skin, and their surprising durability against the odds of slips, rolls, and falls speaks volumes of your adventurous spirit and your knack for recognizing quality and craftsmanship in the most unexpected places.

Cheers to your boldness in embracing this comically detailed masterpiece! Here's to many more nights of cushy comfort and days filled with the outrageous joy that only the Real Body Extreme Raw Milk Boobs Toy can bring. Keep on squeezing the day, you magnificent rebel!

Stay Playful,
Sakura S.


Really soft and wobbly! perfect for big boobs lovers! firmness is good and no smell. I recommended 10/10


Really soft and wobbly! perfect for big boobs lovers! firmness is good and no smell. I recommended 10/10