Sujiman Kupa Virgo PREMIUM SOFT
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Sujiman Kupa Virgo PREMIUM SOFT

Regular price $39.80
Sale price $39.80 Regular price $46.90
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✅ Brand : MAGIC EYES ✅ Premium Soft version ✅ Weight : 840g / 1.85lbs ✅ Length : 200mm / 7.87in ✅ Lotion included (about 2 uses only)

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Sujiman Kupa Virgo PREMIUM SOFT

Sujiman Kupa Virgo PREMIUM SOFT

Regular price $39.80
Sale price $39.80 Regular price $46.90
Product description
Features Hentai Anime
Type of simulation Vaginal
Material Magiceyes Skin, TPE
Firmness Soft
Structure Triple layer
Number of Holes 1
Product Length 200mm / 7.87in
Product Width 110mm / 4.33in
Net Weight 840g / 1.85lbs
Lotion included Yes (about 2 uses only)


This "Sujiman Kupa Virgo PREMIUM SOFT" is made of four different materials. It amplifies the realistic sensation of insertion and giggles! The thick clear-coated surface creates a complex feeling, and the pure membrane provides resistance and the pseudo-uterus zone at the innermost part!

The clear coating on the entire outer layer is a hard-only specification coated on top of it. This layer adds to the hard feeling and contributes to the overall feeling of tightness.
The inside is like a vagina with a slow and steady hole diameter and passage. Immediately after insertion is a red pure membrane zone made of a different material, with a 5mm thick layer, a 3mm hole diameter, and a tightening resistance feeling, which is a virgin palace-like effect.
While enjoying the insertion feeling, the innermost point tightened at the virgin's palace point made of different material, and then the pseudo-uterus zone.

This onahole has a torso-shaped body designed to look like a woman who gets down on all fours with womanly curves! The inside of the hole has the same gentle curves as the outer line, with bumps all over! The irregular packaging of the bungee touch material on the side gives a special feeling.
You can enjoy it by placing it on a desk or on the floor, which allows changing of stimulation by the pressure of your body weight.



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