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Yukaona Pad Mimizu700

Regular price $63.90
Sale price $63.90 Regular price $73.90
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✅ PEACH TOYS High-end quality ✅ Theme : Kemonomimi ✅ Made in Japan ✅ Product length: 225mm / 8.85in ✅ Lotion included (about 2 uses only)

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Yukaona PAD MIMIZU700 1

Yukaona Pad Mimizu700

Regular price $63.90
Sale price $63.90 Regular price $73.90
Product description
Product Type Onahole
Features Hentai Anime
Fantasy Cat Girl, Kemonomimi
Type of simulation Anal, Vaginal
Material TPE
Firmness Regular
Structure 1 layer
Number of Holes 1
Hole type Closed-hole
Product Width 240mm / 9.44in
Product Length 225mm / 8.85in
Net Weight 1.3Kg / 2.86lbs
Lotion included Yes (about 2 uses only)


The inside has 700 various folds, which are for the prone masturbation style! The elastic material asserts itself and enhances the sensation of ejaculation!
This "Yukaona Pad Mimizu700" is a prone masturbation-only hole that uses the internal structure of AKU-MEIKI MIMIZU700. Since the masturbation style requires weight on the lower abdomen, the internal structure adopted an original material with compatible elasticity.

The outer form is a triangular base type with a thickness of 6.6 cm. And a slit-type insertion entrance is simple but optimized for the insertion angle for prone masturbation. The inside is covered with worm-like folds, and the bottom has five different bumps that thoroughly stimulate.
The structure is designed tight, and the raised folds are placed on three sides in front of the innermost part.



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Anonymous (US)
Yukaona pad mimizu700

Super nice once you find a position that works for you. Typically this product is meant to be used laying on it on the floor or bed as the Japanese literally means "floor masturbation pad". However, being a big man, it doesn't work out well. So, instead, if you put some pillows down on a bed or at least get it to your level, it's quite nice fucking it while standing.

Oh, la la! It sounds like you've embarked on a delightfully cheeky adventure with the Yukaona Pad Mimizu700, and what a ride it has been!

Five stars, you say? That's the spirit! It seems you've truly mastered the art of pleasure navigation, finding just the right spot to make the magic happen. Crafting a cushy throne of pillows to elevate your experience? Genius! So, keep on standing tall, experimenting, and enjoying those 'nice sessions.' Cheers to your adventurous spirit and your five-star journey with the Yukaona Pad Mimizu700!

Sakura S.