How to clean your onahole?
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How to clean your onahole?

If you read this article, you, of course, know what an onahole is. If you don't...Well, maybe you are not on the right page, or you should definitely buy one to experience solo Japanese pleasure.

In a nutshell, Onaholes are Japanese male sex toys. They reproduce the feelings of a vagina. If you never tried them, we strongly recommend that you visit our partners' websites, order one, and try them for yourself. We bet that you will see manual pleasuring as a thing of the past!

One of their best quality is that they reproduce the sensation of a real vagina and can be used for stamina. Using them regularly and changing the grip on the outside sleeve will improve your performance when having intercourse with a flesh and bone partner.

Just like any sex toy, an onahole has to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Actually, you have to clean it after each utilization. It is very important not only for comfort but also for hygiene.

But what are the best ways to clean and maintain an onahole?

Water and Soap

Water and soap may seem easy, but they are truly the best ways to keep your masturbation dildo clean and bacteria-free. We recommend to wash them thoroughly after each use. You do not want nasty microbes to grow and find their way in your private parts the next time you will use them.

Silicone associated with heat and humidity is also the perfect environment for mold to grow. And you certainly do not want that either. We don't.

It may be difficult to reach the end part of your toy. Swabs such as the ones used to clean baby bottles will do wonders and protect you from diseases and extend the life of your onahole.

The easiest is to use antibacterial liquid soaps. They are very to buy in any drugstore and will do wonders. Normal soap is fine as well. Use your finger to wipe all of the crevices and crooks.

From time to time, we also advise to use an antibacterial spray or to let your Japanese sex-toy rest for a couple of hours in a water and disinfectant solution. Do not forget to rinse it properly with clear water. A disinfectant can produce rashes on your private parts. And you certainly do not want that. We don't!

Another way is to use babies' cleaning wipes. Just wrap the wipes around the swab, and no dot hesitate to repeat the cleaning process a couple of times. Here again, rinse with clear water.

Do not forget as well to check the special cleaning solution that is available on the market. They have been specially developed to take care of your sex-toys, so why not give them a try.

Dry thoroughly

Onaholes reproduce with near-perfection the inside of vaginas. Their design may be complex. It is critical to dry your toy properly. Stagnant water can produce bad smells over time.

Just follow this two steps process:

  1. The first step is just to let your toy sit on a towel for 15 minutes or so. This way, most of the water will get out. I also wrap it in a towel and apply a couple of quick movements -just when playing tennis. This is one of the best ways I found to remove most of the water quickly and very efficiently.
  2. Dry your toy with a microfiber towel. They are soft enough and absorb a lot of humidity.
  3. Let you onahole finish to air dry for a couple of hours. That's it!

Do not put your toy to dry on a heater. Do not forget that they are made out of plastic and silicone and that these components do not cope with heat very well. So just let them dry naturally.

The last step for extra care is to apply a fine coat of baby powder on the outside of your toy. Do not use too much. Just enough to make sure that it will remain soft and flexible.

With these maintenance tips, your onaholes will stay clean and give you many pleasurable moments. Make sure always to store it in a dry environment to avoid the development of molds.

What if my onahole gets moldy

You certainly do not want to play in a moldy hole. If you detect the development of mold on the outside or inside crevices', use this straightforward trick. Dilute white vinegar and water.

A 10% ratio will perfectly do the trick. Let your sex toy rest in the water/vinegar liquid for 30 minutes.

The vinegar will dissolve the molds. Your next step is to proceed to an extra thorough clean using the method we previously described, and you will be good to go!

Stay safe and have fun with an extra clean onahole!