All you ever wanted to know about the onaholes textures
About onahole

All you ever wanted to know about the onaholes textures

Over the past two decades, many masturbators have emerged and are now available mainly in Japan. Still, with the spread of the internet, anyone can easily get their hands on one of them.

You may be wondering how to choose your onahole, but in addition to the choice of shape, you can also choose the type of material and the internal structure. There are various materials and internal structures, as many choices as there are orgasmic sensations.

To help you in your cornelian choice to know which onahole to buy here is for you a non-exhaustive presentation of the materials and internal structures of onaholes

Types of materials

Nowadays, onaholes are mainly made from TPE or elastomer, which has become the standard in terms of material. It has the particularity of softening when heated and regaining its rubbery appearance when it cools down.

Like any advanced technology, onaholes are subject to constant evolution. Thus, additives are added to improve the textures and overcome the problem of odor, grease, and to improve durability.

Like any self-respecting industry, the companies in this sector pull out all the stops to be at the forefront, and each has their own material with their own name like "SAFE SKIN" and "BABY SKIN" and others.

Here is a small overview of the most common materials for onaholes.

Bungee Touch

It is the standard material that Ryde is proud of and the one that has played a key role in making Ryde the world's leading manufacturer. Not only is it silky and high quality, but its adhesion and softness are unmatched by any other material.

This material is also very durable and does not crack on entry, even when turned over.

Softy Touch

This material is a very flexible material. It is much softer than the "Bungee Touch" and wraps your penis with a soft and smooth feeling. "Softy Touch" is also more oily and greasy. The durability is quite good.

The softness also stands out well, but it is easy to tear when you turn it over, so cleaning it can sometimes be complicated. Not very profitable for the blow and a lot of disappointment. Having said that, this material remains very pleasant.


This is the material created by the Toy's Heart brand. It is an odorless, non-greasy, and oil-free material. Soft and silky to the touch, you won't get tired of touching your toy all the time. The surface repels water and becomes smooth again immediately after washing.

Its durability is one of the most optimal, and it is a material that stands out for its excellent value for money.

Baby Skin

It is a new low rebound, high durability material developed by Toys Heart in 2007. Compared to Safeskin, it has a slight cosmetic smell.

It is smooth, high-quality material and, as its name suggests, as soft as a baby's skin.

Dignity Type

This material is used for the N.P.G. manufacturer's special series. The softness is perfect for some, but like Oily Bleed material, its big problem is that it leaves your hand moist and sometimes even sticky.

Also, durability also leaves something to be desired compared to other materials from other manufacturers. Furthermore, we noted that and the inlet of the hole is quite fragile and tears easily. So handle with care. But what a pleasure!

Internal texture


The folds' structure is prevalent and generally the basic structure for many Onaholes because they are very effective in increasing penile stimulation.

The design of this structure can vary according to the height of the relief, the folds' softness, which allows the manufacturer to provide a wide range of stimulation and pleasure.

According to many Japanese, it is one of the reasons why it is said that onaholes provide better sensation than our girlfriends' pussies.


It is a texture dotted with small protrusions resembling buttons that can be of different shapes and reliefs. It is very often associated with folds making stimulation much more pleasant.

The stimulation may vary depending on the size and hardness of the protuberances.


As its name suggests, this texture is smooth and flat, with no relief. Although it is realistic, it is not as stimulating as structures with folds and protrusions.

Although this neutral texture does not show any particular sign of stimulation on the surface, it continues to appeal to some people. Its main advantage is that the lubricant flows and dries faster than with other textures. You've been warned.

The Meiki : Twilight Zone

Here, we are really in the twilight zone. The Meiki Onaholes are made from real JAV actresses' vagina replicates, and the involved technology allows us to experience 2D and 3D simulations. A vagina is not uniform. It is the same for this onahole that will combine various folds, protuberances, and much more.

The design of Meiki Onahole is complex but unique and will certainly offer you a feeling of a real sex experience with some popular JAV actress. Check our post about Meiki and learn more about the Ferrari of onahole!