Why Are Hand Free Male Masturbators So Popular?
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Why Are Hand Free Male Masturbators So Popular?

Sexually, you might love the "real thing,» but it may not always be easy to get. It's times like that when a hands-free male masturbator comes in handy.

The sex toy industry thrived during the pandemic. Most people took their dating lives online, and sales of sex toys for men skyrocketed even though sex toys help spice things up in some relationships and allow for great sexual experimentation.

Hands-free male masturbators continue to grow in use and popularity as they closely replicate the real feeling and pleasure of sex with a woman. They are basically perfect toys that you're able to slip your male member into without using your hands.   

Various ways to use a hands-free male masturbator

It's your best friend when it comes to replicating the feeling of penetrating a nice wet hole. Hands-free male masturbators come in a perfect shape and bigger form nice-looking items such as a butt or hips. Also, Torsos give you pleasure like no other male masturbator can, with lovely boobs to knead and nipples to squeeze. But, of course, it entirely depends on your preference.

You get different types of sexual positions and sensations from each. You can use different ways to give yourself a hands-free experience. You will find many models of sex toys allowing you to masturbate without hands, such as Hips, Butts, Torsos, or other realistic sex dolls. These onaholes usually have 2 holes, vaginal and anal, allowing you to alternate pleasures. 

Most of them will allow you to experiment with different sexual experiences and positions, like during real sexual intercourse with your partner. 

Several lifelike sex positions

Doggy style With Butt

Onaholes Butts, for example, are specially designed for doggy style. Their shape allows you to put them on a flat surface. As a result, you will have a nice ass in front of your eyes, ready to satisfy all your desires.

They're made of soft material to make you feel like you're inside a real woman. So you won't feel like you're missing out on a single thing.

They're made of very stretchy material, so no matter what size you're carrying, you can slide your penis inside of it after first applying some lubrication.

Face-Off, Cowgirl, Missionary and others with hips and torsos onahole

The Onaholes Hips called Onahips, and Torsos will allow you to widen the spectrum of sexual positions. Indeed, their shape is perfect for satisfying rodeo lovers. Their weight generally not exceeding 5 or 6 kg makes them very manipulable and gives you an excellent sensation of penetration. You will be able to practice with them many positions such as face-off, Cowgirl, Missionary.

Depending on the place and position you choose, your hands will serve as support as in real sexual intercourse. Only your hips will be the source of movement! Realism guaranteed!  

Your hands are not useless with Torsos!

The Torsos are replicas of a woman's body from the neck to the hips... And that includes the breasts! Perfect when you have your hands free, right? There's nothing better than kneading a high-quality soft silicon-made pair of tits and licking nipples while your cock eagerly penetrates a well-lubricated pussy.

Of course, there is a wide range of Torso onahole with all sizes of breasts, and you can choose the one that excites you the most. With the Torsos, you can experiment with all the possible positions you want. 

Butts, hips, and torsos male sex toys are larger and heavier than the classic pocket pussy that requires wrist strength to get the sauce going. However, there are a few tips you should be aware of to get the best experience. Before using it:

  1. Make sure it's clean and use a generous amount of water-based lubricant.
  2. Try warming it up first by putting it inside warm water.
  3. Apply the lube on your penis and inside the sex toy too.
  4. Start slow when you first penetrate your sex toy, then adjust your swaying speed to maximize the pleasure.

Why do people enjoy a hands-free male masturbator? 

Several benefits come with a hands-free male masturbator. That's why a lot of men use them. However, if you don't have one, the following reasons may encourage you to try one.

First of all, the use of a sex toy breaks down a lot of cultural barriers. You get to enjoy whatever you like in a private setting. No one gets to judge you for trying everything that you enjoy sexually. As a man, you can learn how to delay an orgasm when you have sex with your partner through the use of a sex toy.

You don't have to worry about disappointing a sexual partner because of ejaculating too soon, not getting an erection, or losing an erection. Also, you get a very similar experience as you would with a real person. Therefore single people can still enjoy a sexual release. The insides are made of soft and stretchy material that is durable enough for use repeatedly.

Another benefit of sex toys is that you don't have to worry about the sexual practice you want to do. For example, sex toys can't say no to anal penetration like your sexual partner may do if she does not like such kind of practice.

Lastly, you can work on your movements and stamina with hands-free toys. Then, you can get up your game and make it more realistic since you don't have to worry about holding it as you pleasure yourself.

Benefits of a hands-free male masturbator in terms of feelings

When it comes to your health as a man, various sexual health-related problems can be privately addressed with the use of sex toys, including those previously mentioned, like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and lack of libido.

A hands-free experience generates more friction to get maximum stimulation in all the right places.

Moving your hips while masturbating relaxes out tension and stimulates your brain, which allows for ultimate pleasure. You get to activate your spine, causing nerve signals to travel to your brain, which then leads to heightened arousal.

That's one more reason why you need to get a hands-free male masturbator. You will feel so much better while you're using it, and you'll achieve a more intense orgasm.

You get to connect with your deepest sexual desires using a sex toy with hands-free movement. You can confront all the emotional barriers that prevent you from totally letting yourself go sexually. It might be that you are not confident in your sexual performance, have issues with your body looks, or maybe really shy.

Just remember that's why a sex toy is great. There's no one to judge you. You can gain a better sexual understanding of your body using a hands-free male mastubator, and everything is done according to your comfort and desire.