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Paizuri Toys: 4 Erotic Ways to Enjoy Japanese Titty-Fucking!

Paizuri, also known as a “boob job” or “titty-fucking”, is a a non-penetrative type of sex, featuring the sexual stimulation of a penis between a woman’s oppai (breasts in Japanese). The soft skin texture of our paizuri sex toys imitates the sensation of vaginal penetration and can be used for masturbation, foreplay, or as an alternative to penetrative sex. 

Paizuri toys offer a unique, erotic masturbation experience. You control the pressure of the soft tits enveloping your hard cock, pressed against the uber-realistic skin texture. Turn your paizuri toy into your submissive slave, exploiting the unique elasticity and locking mechanisms of Onaholand’s breast toys.

These beautiful boobs are yours to rub, knead, kiss, massage, and lube up. The pleasure is unreplicable, even with a real woman or she-male partner! Not convinced? Here are our top 4 most pleasurable ways to upgrade and enhance your at-home paizuri toy experience!!

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Wetter is Better 

Lubrication is the key to a slick and sensual titty-fuck. Less friction allows for a more comfortable method of ejaculation, enhancing the sensual, sloppy sounds of thrusting. While we recommend a body-safe silicone lube, warming and/or slow-drying lubricant will maximize and lengthen your paizuri pleasure. Less lube can offer a tighter squeeze, while more lube can lengthen the strokes of your cock. 

When sucking the paizuri toy’s nipples, use your favorite lotion, or a flavored lubricant to change up the taste. Alternatively, add a sweet twist by slathering the breasts with whipped cream, ice cream, milk, or chocolate syrup. The skin-like texture of paizuri toys can be easily cleansed, without any residual sticky sensation. Waterproof paizuri toys can be used in the bathtub or shower, to appreciate the shining, glistening sight of wet tits. The elasticity of paizuri toy nipples offer the perfect handhold when paired with soap as a slippery lubricant. You might also consider mounting the paizuri toy for an anchored shower fuck. 

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Switch Up Your Paizuri Toys

Onaholand features a wide variety of paizuri sex toys for all your titty-fucking needs. Tired of tiny tits? The classic “bakunyu”, or exploding tits, modeled after busty porn stars and sexy anime babes, have maintained popularity over the years. Bakunyu tits feature an erotic bodyline, with two lucious tits bursting from a slim collarbone and shoulders, allowing you to drape the girl’s throat in a sloppy pearl necklace. Paizuri toys come in a range of colors, allowing you to contrast this slutty ‘jewelry’ against pale or wheat-colored skin. 

Consider yourself a texture person? Newer designs feature a 3 or 4-layer design, ranging from firm to super soft and elastic materials. Weights can range from a petit 2700 grams to a whopping 6 kilo, anchoring the bouncing tits as you slide and thrust against them. 

Other, more innovative designs have been quickly gaining popularity. Onaholand’s gyugyuuto is one such design. Its Onohole-compatible design allows you to insert a male stroker into the crevice between the tits. You experience a sensation that isn’t impossible during intercourse with a real woman, as your cock eagerly penetrates a well-lubricated pussy - between two perky breasts!! The visual stimulation is unmatched. What’s more, gripping technology allows for a hands-off experience. Pair the tits with a prostate massager for a heightened orgasm; or, grip the tits as a handhold while burying your cock in a male stroker. 

Enjoy the visual feast of paizuri but struggle to reach a climax? Consider opting for the Trembling Oppai, featuring 9 patterns of vibration sure to have you cum in seconds. Alternatively, if you suffer from premature ejaculation, consider pairing your paizuri toy with a cock ring to prolong your titty-fucking pleasure. A cock ring will allow you to hug her chest around your pent-up cock for hours, escalating you into the most intense orgasm of your life. 

Whether you choose a sex set of life-like tits or larger-than-life, fantasy tits, you can spend hours worshiping and manipulating them. Paizuri offers you sexual freedom; unlike a nagging girlfriend who rushes you into sex, these tits are yours to play and experiment with for as long as you please. No more protests as you turn up the speed, humping vigorously against the pillowy breasts. With your personal paizuri toy, no one can shame your love and dedication to a pair of delectable tits. 


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Bring Your Japanese Paizuri Fantasy to Life

Paizuri veterans may require something extra to spice up a vanilla routine. Do you wish to dominate a woman’s breasts, turn them into a submissive slave that moves and acts the way you wish? Paizuri toys offer you full freedom and dominance to live out your greatest sexual fantasies. Impact kinks are met with no resistance, and high-quality materials allow you to spank, slap, or whip the titties as you please. The life-like nipples will harden as you pinch or flick, and the perfectly-rounded tits allow for the perfect shibari (Japanese bondage) base. 

Do your fantasies include fucking a particular set of breasts? Onaholand features a variety of breasts modeled after by JAV pornstars, such as the sexy Shoko Takahashi and sensual Anzai Rara. Each set is proportionate to the authentic size and weight of the actresses’ breasts. You will take the reigns in fucking your favorite actress’ tits, whenever and wherever you like. 

Hentai and nsfw manga lovers also have the opportunity to cum on the big-breasted anime characters such as Funwari Komugiro. Caress and touch the breasts of fictional women who dominate your fantasies, now fully at your disposal. Consider maximizing the realism of your experience by pairing your paizuri toy with a VR headset. The excitement of feeling - and seeing - her authentically-shaped breasts press around your cock is unmatched! Listen to her seductive voice and watch her indecent expressions as you pleasure her nipples and insert your cock between her breasts. Looking to further enhance the experience? Decorate your beloved’s chest using authentic lingerie inspired by your favorite JAV actress or hentai character. 


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Paizuri Toys with a Partner

Are your partner's tits not quite the right size or shape to bring you a sweet, satisfying orgasm? The perky, surgically enlarged DD cups that pornstars use for titty-fucking may seem amazing, but most women don't have those same endowments. Or perhaps you wish to upgrade your tired sex life? Adding paizuri toys to your sex life can double the fun - and the breasts! Incorporate a pair of scrumptious bakunyu tits to your routine fuck for renewed excitement. Try some of our favorite, tantalizing paizuri positions: 

Position 1: Bury your face - and your penis - in a pair of bouncy breasts.

Suck and bite on your woman’s nipples, massaging her breasts, while burying your cock in a ‘locking’ paizuri toy. For toys lacking this function, a tight lace bra can add a sensual visual while roping the breasts around your cock. A well-lubed toy is sure to produce erotic sounds sure to get you both in the mood. 


Position 2: Submit and hang on tight.

Looking for a handhold while your lady pleasures your cock with her breasts, or perhaps while you get your ass eaten? Or perhaps while your she-male partner penetrates your ass from behind? Look no further. Paizuri toys offer renewed sexual energy to tired sex positions when used as malleable handholds or anchors. The pairzuri toy nipples, hardened by your touch, will prove too sexy to ignore. Your muffled moaning and drooling against the healthy tits is a sure-fire turn-on for your dom.

Position 3: Breast sandwich.

Sandwich your cock between an extra pair of breasts, perhaps with a flavored lubricant or whipped cream, so your partner may indulge in a guilty snack. Watching your partner devour your cock, licking both their and the toy breasts - it's too sexy to handle! A warming lube will turn up the heat. Make a mess of both your partner’s lewd face and the delicious, plump tits, and watch your cum trickle down as their nipples press together. 


Position 4: Cosplay.

Is your flat-chested, sub partner willing to play the part to make you cum? Blur the line between fantasy and reality by having them cosplay as your favorite JAV actress or anime character, roping the paizuri toy tits to her chest with sexy, on-brand lingerie or your favorite shibari knot. Your partner is sure to orgasm at the  sheer sight of you pleasuring yourself against their new, f-cup jugs. 

Paizuri toys offer a little something for every sex or masturbation routine - and the perfect pair of bouncing, pillowy breasts awaits you at Onholand! Experiment with sizes, colors, weights, lubricants, and positions to find the perfect set-up for the glorious, pulsing orgasm of your dreams.


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