Uterus Onahole or the ultimate penetration toy!
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Uterus Onahole or the ultimate penetration toy!

Do you like grotesque hentai anime or eroge where a pretty girl gets a big cock into her pussy and says, "Stop"! And have you ever heard of intercourse in the womb where the penis is inserted into the uterus? Hentai anime or Doujin very often shown intense and intrauterine penetrations where you can see all the details and imagine the sensations very well.

We might as well tell you right away in reality, it is not possible. Indeed, the size of the uterus's opening is only 1 to 2 mm in diameter (about the circumference of a spaghetti). It is therefore impossible, during normal sexual intercourse, to get into the uterus.

But don't worry, onaholes are there! Indeed the onaholes are the brainchild of men thinking about men! So if something brings pleasure. In Japan, we do not hesitate, and we make it! Any fantasy can be met! Let's have a look at this little gadget, which is all the rage in the world of Onaholes!

What is a uterus gadget?

Characteristics of the gimmick

There are many onaholes with narrow openings and more or less rigid textures. But some onaholes have a small appendix that makes the difference! Indeed, the glans being the most sensory part of the penis, could be more logical than to imagine a gadget mainly dedicated to the acorns!

This small part is generally located at the end of the orifice, at the bottom of the hole. The best for the end! It represents the uterus! This appendix is a full-fledged part with specific textures for the acorn. Shapes can be different according to the models. Its role is to accentuate the stimulation of the glans with more intense pressure. As I already told you, the uterus comes in different shapes.

Some are penetrable, and others are not. For the non-penetrable ones, it is just a simulation of the uterus entrance that your glans will be able to tap with each movement. It, therefore, provides your glans with a typing stimulus. For the penetrable ones, the tip of your penis will enter a section specially designed for extreme sensations—either narrower with detailed textures or in a cavity designed to give you the suction effect.

The real peculiarity of the penetrable types is that the entrance of the uterus is much narrower. It gives a feeling of tremendous pressure on the tip of the penis. Below is a small presentation of the different types of uterus gadgets.

The different types of onahole uterus gadget

Non penetrable uterus

As its name suggests, the uterus gadget is not penetrable. It is located at the bottom of the hole and contains a small cavity that activates the suction effect. Its location allows the glans to hit the entrance of the uterus. With this type, you can enjoy feeling the glans of the penis hitting the cervix.

Penetrable system uterine hole

Onahole with the uterus gimmick in the bottom

As you can imagine, the uterus gimmick is at the bottom of the onahole. The glans can penetrate it. The cavity is narrower and has a special texture and accentuated stimulation on the glans. Pure joy! This cavity can have different shapes, so it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

Half-way uterine system

In this type, the uterine gimmick is located in the middle. It has a high vacuum power, and the uterine ostium makes the corona of glans squeaky.
The gimmick is placed approximately in the middle of the hole. It leaves room for the glans, and a small part of your throbbing member enters the uterus. The cavity is more important, the vacuum effect is more potent.

Continuous uterine sensation

There are onaholes with structures only composed of this gadget for those who like to abuse good things. I can't really talk about this type as I did not try it. Still, more textures simulating the uterus' entrance are spread all along. The pressure and stimulation on the glans should be more intense and effective, whatever the depth of insertion of your penis in the onahole.

Why do you have to try?

Masturbation is a good way to relax and feel good. Our brain also allows us to immerse ourselves in an imaginary world where all fantasies can come true.

Although the uterus is an existing part of the anatomy of the female sex, in reality, it is impossible to penetrate it with our penis. Through the doujins, eroge, and hentai animate, nothing is impossible! And the extreme stimulation and pleasure are imaged by the penetration of the uterus.

It makes many men fantasize by arousing their curiosity as well. The onaholes are masturbators who help us discover new sensations and new pleasures and help us realize our fantasies. Although our brain can make us imagine feelings, the physical touch is not there.

For those who want to experiment, discover, and fulfill this fantasy, this gadget is perfect! It is a real plus that many men can no longer do without. There are different types and forms of them, so a vast range of stimulation is possible! Look for the one that satisfies you the most! And, take care of yourself!