Is masturbating too much harmful?

Is masturbating too much harmful?

In this article, we will do our best to answer this important question to which there is no real clear answer …

Some say it's dangerous, and some say it's good for sex life. Some even say that TOO MUCH jerking off is good for your health because masturbation lowers your risk of getting prostate cancer.

However, masturbating a lot while keeping your penis erected may be harmful to the cavernous bodies. Wearing a cockring for a long time may also be damaging. Please don't do it!

Some theories even say that masturbation can cause the so-called Peyronie's disease in some cases. Traumas to the Corpora cavernosa usually results in blood in your semen and a painful deformation of the penis. As a precaution, if this ever happens to you, consult a doctor immediately.

No more than three times a week!

Some argue that men shouldn't masturbate more than three times a week, as excessive masturbation can negatively affect them. The 3 main harmful effects of masturbation recognized by the medical communities are the followings:

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is probably the most noticeable result of excessive masturbation.
  • Addiction: Masturbation addiction also leads to biological changes in your body. Like any addiction, it can quickly become an obsession. Any physical and psychological dependence makes one a slave and not a master of oneself. In these cases, it is not masturbation that is the problem but real compulsive disorder and addiction. To treat them, the causes must be sought. Never let your pleasure becomes a psychiatric disorder.
  • Loss of libido: Men who masturbate excessively tend to lose interest in sex after a while. This can lead to a complete inability to have any other type of sex than with yourself.

Aside from these few harmful effects due to excessive masturbation, it appears that using sex toys and masturbating has been scientifically proven as healthy. After all, being happy is good for health, and masturbating will most likely make you happy.

So why does masturbation get a bad reputation? It's still weird, isn't it? Where is that from?

Don't listen to 18th-century bigots

This war against masturbation really took off around the 18th century through religious dogmas and a few medieval moral ways of thinking. All sprinkled with archaic principles that made our pubis reign terror.

Everything is, therefore, rooted in old moral and mainly religious principles according to which sexuality is made to reproduce and not for pleasure. And this is because of some doctors of the time, who sided with the "IN NO FAP WE TRUST," who, with their writing and the fight against masturbation, succeeded in part in demonizing this solo act.

Dr. Tissot describes insane cases of patients who would fall ill (deafness, epilepsy) or who would have even died from having done themselves too much good. BULL SHIT !!!

It is thanks to these few old-fashion doctors that we owe statements as terrifying as they are unfounded, such as:

  • Masturbation makes you deaf. BULL SHIT! True that when we are too focused on our people, we hear people less well coming behind our backs, but masturbation does not make you deaf!
  • Masturbation causes premature ejaculation problems. On the contrary, FAKE can be an excellent way to learn to manage your arousal and control the sauce's rise. Obviously, you have to do it in a quiet place in a quiet corner and not in the morning before leaving for work in "go fast" mode.
  • Masturbation makes you sterile. Still FAKE NEWS! In men, sperm is produced in permeance from puberty until death, regardless of the frequency of ejaculation. It is true that when you want to have a baby, it is recommended to space out sexual intercourse by about 48 hours to leave enough time to renew the stock. But it won't renew itself any worse if you use more than usual. And it is even the opposite!
  • Masturbation weakens the body and the mind. BULL SHIT. After an orgasm, the body releases endorphins, which causes a feeling of fullness and euphoria, and muscle relaxation. This is very brief and does not damage your physical strength or your willpower.

Let's go away from the extreme cases and the 18th century way of thinking.

Masturbation is good for your brain

First, masturbation is a real biological sleeping pill. Indeed, during the act of masturbation and at the time of ejaculation and therefore of orgasm, the body secretes several substances, including endorphins and endogenous morphine. The body sends us happiness, the bodies of relaxation, appeasement. Masturbating is ideal for falling asleep like a baby.

The second point is that thanks to endorphins, a good handjob will relax you. Indeed this substance calms stress and pain. So by extension, masturbation has soothing, anxiolytic, and even painkilling benefits. And all without a prescription! Who says, better!

It’s good for the heart. Handjob is a sport. A nice cocktail that accelerates the heart rate and therefore works the heart in the same way as a moderate physical activity such as brisk walking.

Masturbation is good for your prostate!

We're finally here! Yes, masturbation and good for the prostate! A Boston University study of 32,000 men found that those who ejaculate more have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. And that's not all. Another Australian study has shown that if the sperm stock is regularly replenished, the more the quality and the mobility of the sperm improves.

Masturbation is a pleasure!

And finally, masturbation is the best way to discover your body and explore its sensations to tame them. These processes allow us all to become sexually fulfilled adults in addition to giving each other a little bit of free wellness.

It's for all these good reasons that we all masturbate, from our youngest age to old age through adolescence… Ok… 5% of men and 89% of women admit to having recourse to solitary pleasure.

Everyone masturbates, even animals! So let's enjoy it. Why not try Japanese onaholes? This way, you will feel completely different pleasures and will keep your hands clean!