Zoom on prostate massage

Zoom on prostate massage

We all heard about the prostate, and most of the time, it is linked to disease when we hear from it. What is less known is that every coin has two sides and that this gland can, of course, kill you and give you incredible pleasures when properly stimulated. Let's concentrate on that, should we?

What is the prostate, and where is it found?

You may be familiar with the word "prostate," but few people can properly explain exactly what it is, let alone locate it.

The prostate, located just below the bladder, is the organ that secretes some of the semen (prostate fluid) found only in men. It looks roughly like a walnut about 2 to 3 centimeters in diameter.


This organ is generally located about 2 inches (5 to 7 centimeters) from the entrance of the anus, on the side of the abdomen. If you insert your index finger into the anus as far as the second phalanx and bend it slightly towards your belly, the tip of your finger will most likely touch the prostate.

The prostate plays a role in pushing the semen towards the urethra and is also linked to urination. If the prostate is enlarged or has other abnormalities, symptoms such as leakage and frequent urination may occur. It is also thought that the prostate plays a variety of other roles. But science has not fully understood all of its secrets. Much remains to be discovered about its function.

What is prostate massage?

Essentially, prostate massage is performed for medical purposes by inserting a finger into the anus to stimulate the prostate to detect and treat diseases such as prostatitis.

Prostate massage helps expel accumulated prostate fluid, which improves symptoms such as residual urination and painful urination. In other words, it was practiced as a medical treatment. But sometimes people who received prostate massage experienced sexual pleasure, such as involuntary ejaculation or having an orgasm without ejaculating.

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The latter, which does not involve ejaculation, is called "dry orgasm." It is considered similar to what a woman feels when she reaches orgasm.

While women ejaculate several times in a row during sex. Men take a long time to recover once they have ejaculated. However, an orgasm achieved by massaging the prostate allows men to come as many times in a row as they wish.

Since many men have been awakened to the unknown pleasure of dry orgasm through prostate massage, the attention paid to this practice for sexual pleasure has begun to democratize.

Specific methods of prostate massage and "dry" orgasm

If you wish to perform a prostate massage by yourself, you must be careful.

First of all, hygiene is paramount. You must go to the toilet to have a bowel movement and clean your anus well. Next, you must prepare a suitable lubricant. If you are very careful about hygiene, it is safer to wear a finger bag or thin gloves.

Before inserting your finger, apply a suitable lotion, and gently massage your anus. As the tension in the anus loosens, and the muscles relax, slowly insert your finger into the anus.

When inserting your finger, bend it slightly toward your stomach. You should feel a small protrusion. This is the prostate gland. You can massage this area by gently pushing, tapping, or shaking your finger in small steps.

In the beginning, this new sensation may be a little uncomfortable, but will gradually become pleasant. As the feeling of pleasure intensifies, your body begins to contract.

You might be tempted to touch your penis at this stage, but it is advisable to leave Willy alone at first. Focus on what's inside of you to reach an orgasm.

If your prostate is optimally stimulated, a dry orgasm will come suddenly. Your breathing will become irregular, and some men even find themselves moaning. Eventually, you will reach the climax with the most intense pleasure you have ever felt.

Benefits of the prostate massage

It is important to specify that prostate massage should be practiced in moderation. You must keep in mind that hygiene must be taken care of and that too much stimulation can cause certain organ disorders.

Unlike ejaculation, a dry orgasm is like the climax of a woman with repeated sensations of pleasure. According to some theories, the pleasure is so strong that it is 10 to 100 times greater than the sensation of ejaculation. It is also recommended for middle-aged and older men who feel that their energy and erectile strength are diminishing.

Also, prostate massage is not easy to experience and practice for everyone. There is a trick to prostate massage, and it's not uncommon for people to find that they can't get any pleasure out of it. No matter how many times they try.

An incomparable feeling of pleasure

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When your prostate is massaged, you will gradually feel the pleasure that comes from inside your ass. The pleasure you experience varies from person to person. Some people feel that it's just a strange sensation and are not sure if they feel good or not at first.

However, after a few sessions of prostate massage and a period of adjustment, you may experience what is called a "dry orgasm," that is, a sensation of orgasm without ejaculation. All men who have practiced prostate massage agree that the sensation is unique and completely different from that felt during ejaculation.

Also, during a prostate massage, the seminal vesicles, which are deeper than the prostate, are stimulated, which can cause sperm to get out even if the genitals are not affected. Unlike ejaculation during intercourse or ordinary penis masturbation, there is a unique sensation and feeling of being pushed away.

The possibility of reaching a dry orgasm with a prostate massage may also depend on your personal constitution. Many people don't experience as much pleasure the first time they get a prostate massage, but after a few attempts, accompanied by, for example, oil massage and manual care, you may end up finding more pleasure than you thought.

The pleasure of prostate massage is so intense that you may become addicted to it if you try it.

It can also reduce the symptoms of prostatitis and prostate enlargement.

Prostate massage was originally a medical procedure to diagnose chronic prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate causing pain and discomfort. This practice is also used to treat symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Prostate massage is used to collect prostate fluid. In some cases, this practice can relieve these symptoms, and some hospitals offer regular prostate massage for certain conditions. You can find more details in this article from Medical news today here.

Prostate massagers

As massage becomes more and more popular, sex-toys manufacturers are offering a multitude of prostates massagers. Shapes, materials, and options may be different depending on models and brands.

Prostate massagers

Massage parlors… for the prostate!

Anal masturbation is one thing, but getting a prostate massage from your girlfriend or a specialist is another. However, if you don't have the courage to ask your girlfriend to understand you, or if you don't have a partner, you can use a prostate massage parlor.

Since it can be difficult to practice prostate massage alone, many male massage parlors in Japan offer this type of service. This type of massage is mainly for men who are a bit masochistic, but this type of practice attracts more and more "every one" of all ages (adults, of course). The number of salons offering prostate massage has doubled in the last 15 years.

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The price varies between $100 and $250, depending on the facility and the length of service. However, it is important to note that the practitioner's experience will significantly impact the rates offered. Indeed, prostate massage depends on technique and know-how.

When the tension around the anus is released, and the anal massage softens the muscles, she inserts her middle finger or index finger into the anus. He will massage the prostate, inside the anus on the stomach side, by gently pressing and tapping it with his finger.

Precautions and possible danger of prostate massage 

As mentioned previously, the prostate is an organ that is considered to be a little-known organ from a medical point of view. You should be aware that massaging the prostate carries certain dangers.

First of all, there is a danger of prostatitis. Hygiene is essential. It is important to keep the anus clean and to avoid over-stimulation. Please keep your fingers clean by cleaning your nails, and massage them carefully before penetration.

The risk of damaging the rectum should also be taken into account. Inserting a finger into an unstressed anus or forcing an ill-fitting object into the rectum can cause inflammation and bleeding. This can lead to infectious diseases that can degenerate.

The pleasure of a dry orgasm can be intense, but you must practice it carefully. When performing a prostate massage, it is always important to keep hygiene and safety in mind and to do it in moderation. If you feel changes and/or discomfort in your body after a bad or abusive practice of prostate massage, stop immediately and consult a doctor as a precaution.