Best accessories for onaholes
About onahole

Best accessories for onaholes

Onaholes are the perfect Japanese male sex toy. The pleasure they provide is a completely different one when compared to standard hand masturbation. The material they are made of will mimic a vagina or a mouth to increase realism.

They can be used for self-pleasuring, of course, but also to gain stamina and performance. Using them regularly, your sexual performances will gradually improve, and your partner will not recognize you.

Some "made in Japan" accessories will even enhance the qualities and realism of your toys. We could not insist more on the importance of cleaning your onahole after each utilization. By doing so, your sex toy will last longer, will be safer to use, and will always be ready for your next masturbation workout session.

Onahole warmer

USB onahole warmers are one of the best accessories to top up your sex toy. Very easy to use; You have to plug them using the provided USB cable and insert the tube in the onahole.

Just wait a couple of minutes, the temperature of the toy will reach a perfect level. Just close your eyes and enjoy a perfectly warmed up onahole.

Be careful to use a phone or other device USB charger and not your computer plug. The output power of the computer may not be strong enough to heat up properly.

On top of that, onahole warmers are really cheap and for just a couple of dollars will deliver great results when used properly.


A pussy is wet. Isn't it? So why use dry onaholes. Lubricants are great to avoid an itchy penis. We strongly recommend using made in Japan lotions. They will not dry or have a weird smell.

Pure love juice is especially famous for its quality and comes in a nicely designed bottle. Just like the onahole warmer, once you tried lubricants, you will not go back. Check our post and get some tips about how to choose lubricant.

Onahole pillow

When using your favorite onahole sex toy with your hands, you may feel it unrealistic.

The pillows are used to insert the onaholes and enjoy pleasure at its best while being hand free. Using them is very easy. You initially have to fill them with her and then insert your toy inside the cavities.

Some air pillows come with different sizes of holes (6cm and 12.5 cm) and will accommodate any model of onahole. Just a little tip, if you have some difficulties while inserting the onaholes, deflate the pillow a little bit, and it should get in perfectly.

To enjoy even more your air pillow, grab a hentai cover. It will add a touch of style. Various designs are available. They are all cute, sexy, and will definitely change the way you see your pillow. We bet that you may even decide to sleep on them. Don't forget to remove your onahole, though.

Onahole cleaner

We will never repeat it enough. When using sex toys, hygiene is key. Read our article about how to clean your onahole to know everything about the best ways to kind your toy clean and fresh.

We all know that Japan is an immaculate country. It also relates to sex toys. As we recommend, you can use soap and water to clean the onaholes, but a specifically designed product is also an option to consider.

The price of a specific cleaner is very reasonable, and the smell it will leave behind will be more arousing than your standard soap.

To wrap up

Taking care of your sex toy is the best way to reach maximum pleasure and make the most out of them.

Once you have tried the feelings delivered by an onahole, you will certainly look for ways to top them up. The accessories we presented are not expensive and will be great to enjoy using your sex toy daily.

Have fun!