All you ever wanted to know about Onaholes but never dared to ask
About onahole

All you ever wanted to know about Onaholes but never dared to ask

Onaholes are not simple fleshlights or pocket pussies. They are mainly designed to mimic the vagina and provide near comparable pleasure. Japan is famous for the quality of its products, and sex toys are no different. Onahole will let you enjoy the feeling of penetration even if you are on your own and may be considered as the ultimate masturbator. In this article, we will aim at answering all of the questions you may have about onaholes and never dared to ask.

What is an Onahole?

Onan was a biblical character accused of wasting the divine semen in vain. An Onahole is an artificial vagina used for masturbation. They come in different sizes and shapes, which makes them truly unique. They come in two different designs: with a unique entrance or with holes at both ends. We recommended the single entrance models, and they will come with a pleasuring suction effect. Onaholes can be used both for stamina to help train and last longer or just for self-pleasuring. Onaholes are not just simple plastic tubes; they also can have different shapes: mouth, hips, ass, breast, and of course, vagina. During recent years, onaholes have become more and more popular to the point that they are now considered the #1 male masturbators.


What Onahole means?

Onahole is a word derived from two words - onanie and a hole. Onanie is an old word, which means masturbation. It originates from Germany, and it is used all over the world in a similar term - onanism. We don't have to explain the word "hole" because it's more than obvious. In Japan, they use the term onahōru. So, basically, Onahole is an artificial vagina used for masturbation, nothing more, nothing less.

Why are Onaholes so popular?

Onaholes provide incredible sensations due to both the pressure and suction effects they produce. By slightly modifying the grip around the onaholes can truly change the feelings. One toy has the potential to provide numerous sexual experiences. It is undoubtedly the main reason for the popularity of onaholes. Onaholes are not simple plastic tubes. Some premium models come with self-warming solutions, self-lubricating devices and are realistic motion-activated features. We also recommend using onahole USB warmers to improve comfort. These sticks are plugged directly into a USB plug and will gently warm the holes. Check our article about the best accessories for onaholes to know everything.

Choose the onahole you like

Onaholes come in different types to provide various realistic textures and stimulations. In addition, some bigger models come with an internal bone structure to increase the sensations’ rigidity, durability, and realism. There is no rule on how to choose your first Onahole. There are different types of Onaholes available, and if you want to buy your first, you have to go and risk it. Different models suit different people, and nobody can give you a specific answer which type will suit you perfectly. If your first Onahole doesn't feel right, just go for a second one and a third one until you find the best Onahole for yourself. Don't be cheap, buy high-quality Onahole. It's a possibility that a more expensive one will last longer than a cheaper one.

The Cups

As with noodles, the balls have their cup. This is a simple masturbation cup, and it’s usually done by wrapping a lotion-soaked sponge around a plastic hole and placing it in a plastic container (cup). Practical and cheap (less than 10box) because it is disposable, the Cups are increasingly innovative with various internal structures.

As mentioned above, the Cups’ inside parts are wrapped in a sponge not to be washed and reused.

Vagina (or pussy)

Vagina onaholes are the most common form of sex toys. Most of them are inspired by Hentai characters and JAV actresses. There are 2 main types of Vagina onahole are the non-penetrating and penetrating ones.

Penetrating Type

A penetrating masturbator is a masturbator with a hole that runs from the opening to the bottom of the hole. This type of masturbator has the advantage that it is easy to clean the hole inside, but compared to the non-penetrating type. It is difficult to get the sucking and vacuuming sensation.

Non penetration type

Medium in size and non-penetrating, these are the flagship onahole on the market. Some of them are even legendary. They are perfect in terms of volume and provide an enveloping sensation of penetrating that cannot be felt by the cheap and penetrating type. Its most significant characteristic is that it generates a vacuum effect by evacuating the air.

There is something for everyone in terms of shape, internal structure, and material, so it’s hard to decide which one to choose. The prices are reasonable. It is the queen category of Onaholes worth trying at least once because you can experience a unique feeling in a masturbator.

Mouth or blowjob onahole

For blowjobs, the creators did not lack the ingenuity to provide us with stunning realism, faithfully reproducing the inside of the mouth and the sensations of a good blowjob performed by a real girl. This type of onahole is continuously in development, but it is a growing category full of potential. Some models, for the sake of extreme realism, even have teeth! These types of onahole are quite particular and technical. To not be over with this type of masturbator, you have to choose the brand and take a quality product.


These models are incredibly realistic and have been popular since 2013-2014. We recommend using lubricant to avoid irritation of the penis. You can have fun like crazy with it, like a dog with its ball. These models are of realism to thrill our best friends of Mother Nature.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some models are even identical replicas of famous JAV actresses… In short, they are a real treat for boobs fanatics. Check our dedicated article about the amazing world of boob sex toys.


Hips and Butts are large masturbators that are generally fixed in the shape of a hip and buttock of more or less actual size. In terms of use, your back and forth movements are as if you are penetrating a woman. It’s no longer your wrist that works. Instead, you simulate sex even more faithfully. You have the choice between Hips for face-on penetration with missionary-style position and Butts for doggy style enthusiasts with a rear-grip. You can sometimes have the anal opening on some models.


Meiki is not a world you want to use at the grocery store to say that the tomatoes look gorgeous today. Instead, it means “comfortable pussy” and has a clear sexual connotation associated with it. These models are like Ferraris. They are produced using molds of the vagina of JAV stars. They are very realistic, they come at a price, but they offer extreme realism. What is really impressive is that they can be used to experience the sensations felt when having intercourse with a pornstar.


These models can be cumbersome, up to 20 Kg. They offer a lot of different positions. Will it be for anal, vaginal, or boob jobs? Experience different types of pleasures with these actual size products.

We all know what's a fleshlight, we all heard of pocket pussy before, but what is an Onahole? It's a bit of both. Onahole is a sex toy used primarily for masturbation. It's small, fits every pocket, and is so enjoyable. In this article, learn how to use it, clean it, choose the perfect Onahole according to your needs, and many more.

What is the history of Onaholes?

It is rumored that sex toys are as old as humanity, and Cleopatra herself used to masturbate with bees been locked in a gourd. We doubt it, but no one knows. What is clear is that fleshlights were invented in America in 1998. To understand the origin of our modern Onaholes, we have to go back very far to the Muromachi period (1333-1573) to have clearly identified traces of male masturbators. Since that time, masturbators have evolved a lot, and it is during the Edo period. The arrival of new materials from abroad, such as velvet, saw the first male masturbator’s appearance allows a small squirt worthy of this last name. This famous object was called Azumagata. It was simply a funnel of sorts that was made in the same way as sword scabbards. The inside was covered with soft velvet that was directly contacted and wrapped around the male organ. With a bit of imagination, it could make Madam’s little cat think.

The method of use involves inserting the penis into the slit, and you know the rest and purpose of your wrist. Despite the apparent lack of historical testimony, one can easily imagine that the quality was completely different from our modern onaholes, which are really high-performance Ferraris. And even with the use of lubricants of the time, we can tell ourselves that your faithful dick should not claim his second ticket for such a roller-coaster.

How to use an Onahole?

Onahole is one of the perfect toys for masturbation, it is a combination of a fleshlight and a pussy. It's small, portable and you can carry it wherever you go. In order to use an Onahole, you have to get yourself one. Size and shape don't matter too much, you have to try different shapes to find the right one for you. And don't worry about the delivery, most sex toy shops are discreet, they will hide everything to keep your privacy from others. First things first - make sure your new Onahole is not too tight if you want to prevent minor injuries. You already know what to do - put a penis in a hole. Be gentle and apply lube before penetration. So, just relax, watch your favorite type of porn or use your imagination and - have a great time.

Difference between fleshlights and Onaholes

Although fleshlights and Onaholes have the same purpose, they have different designs, feel and look. Read the next couple of paragraphs and decide whether you should choose an Onahole or a fleshlight. Fleshlights come in a shape of a vagina and anus. Both models are hand-held, and they stimulate your penis while you make a penetration. On the other hand, Onaholes are available in more types, sizes and shapes. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose an anime Onahole, vampire Onaholes and many more. Only your imagination is the limit when we talk about Onahole design.

What about the materials? Fleshlight is made of materials, which are similar to real human skin. This is why many people who tried it say that it really does remind you of a vagina. Onaholes are made primarily out of silicone and some other types of plastics. The problem is, there are so many models and brands on the market you need to choose carefully before making your final decision about the purchase. Onaholes come in the form of other body parts too – breasts, mouth and torso. Materials from which Onaholes are made of are very realistic, so there is not much difference between fleshlights and Onaholes when it comes to this.

Is Onahole realistic?

That depends on your personal preference. Some users are delighted with how Onahole feels. Some will say it feels like real pussy, others will say it feels even better than a real pussy, but there are also people who find it a bit sharp and rough. When it comes to Onaholes, you don't need to compare them with other similar products like fleshlights, you also don't need to compare it with real vaginas, you just need to relax and try to have a great time while masturbating. Don't expect miracles, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. A sex toy is a just sex toy, a way to have fun with yourself when you are alone.  

If you have had sex with several different women before, you should know that not all pussies feel the same. Some are soft, some are tight, some are a bit too rough. That can be also be applied to Onaholes. Therefore, you need to experiment and try several Onaholes before finding the best according to your needs and personal feelings.

How to clean Onahole?

Cleaning your Onahole is one of the most important things. Although you will be the only person who uses it, you should clean it after every use. And you should clean it thoroughly. Luckily, cleaning is not that hard, it lasts only a couple of minutes, and it becomes a habit once you learn how to clean it properly. Cleaning is easy to straightforward. First, you need to wash an Onahole. Use only water, not too cold and not too hot. Lukewarm water is always a good choice. Pour water inside the hole and rub with your fingers as deep as you can get. Some areas are a bit hard to reach, that depends on the shape of your Onahole. But take your time and do it correctly. If you can't reach everywhere with your fingers, use a stick for cleaning. After you pour water inside, use a mild detergent or a bar of soap to wash your Onahole. Next, rub inside and outside and rinse it again with water. If you don't have too much experience with this, you can use a toy cleaner too. The goal of cleaning your Onahole is not just to get rid of the scent of body fluids; it's the best method to prevent the growth of bacteria inside. And last but not the least - dry your Onahole thoroughly. We'll recommend not using it until it is scorched. Still, if you are in a hurry, you can use a piece of cloth to dry it more quickly. Also, storage is crucial. So, always keep your Onahole away from the sun, heat and wet places.

Use your onahole for stamina

Onaholes are not only perfect if you are on your own at the moment, but they can also be used as a training device to enhance stamina. The possibility of adapting the sensation’s strengths by modifying its grip makes onahole an excellent training tool. Just consider your onahole as a bicycle. Would you not have the idea to enrol for the Tour de France without practising?

Onaholes are just like a bicycle. By modifying the intensity of the grip and using it daily, you will have pleasure and improve your performance with flesh and bones partners. Just like you workout at the gym, train with an onahole, and you will soon reach sex gods’ levels.

Final thoughts

Onahole is an excellent product representing a great alternative to a vagina, anus or mouth. Onahole gives you a way to stimulate your penis, and it's used to improve stamina and, more frequently, for masturbation. Onaholes are made of different materials such as PVC and silicone. They are available in various shapes, sizes and they come at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your first Onahole and have a blast!