Everything You Need to Know about Anime Sex Doll
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Everything You Need to Know about Anime Sex Doll

We all have different fantasies. If you love anime and those types of characters turn you on, you should consider getting an anime sex doll. Anime sex doll constitute a significant category of fantasy sex dolls. They are created to fulfill your fantasies with how they're designed with incredible body features to take you to the heights of seduction. Some of the features available include round butts, big breasts, and luscious feminine curves. You can also get one that looks like your favorite anime character. We have created this detailed guide to help you learn everything you need to know before purchasing your anime sex doll.

What are anime sex dolls?

Hentai anime is popular when it comes to animated pornography. It's very well-known, especially in Japan. Anime love dolls were developed due to the increased interest people have in the characters and storylines in animations. They're life-size adult toys created to replicate the most outstanding sexual features of your favorite anime characters.

The inspiration behind the creation of the dolls is based on fictional stories and the characters in them. The body parts are made to look like those of a real woman. A lovely anime sex doll will bring all your deep dark sexual fantasies to life. It's so common in Japan that they are even displayed in brothels. They're life-like sex dolls made to look so real that men actually pay to spend time with the dolls. Many men prefer them over real prostitutes.

What types of anime sex dolls are there?

There's a variety of anime sex dolls available on the market. They're usually put in categories depending on sizes, body proportions, or clothes. For most of them, the goal is to fulfill fantasies depicted from hentai anime. The following fantasy categories can help differentiate the different types of dolls:


This category of anime dolls is specifically for those who love big breasts. The dolls in this genre are made with sexy large breasts made to replicate women with huge boobs. Therefore, if you choose Bakunyu fantasies, you'll get a large-breasted doll so you can fully enjoy your sexual encounters and make the most of your time, living out your most passionate sexual fantasies.


This particular genre of hentai anime porn is mainly based on prepubescent, pubescent, or post-pubescent girls. It is not restricted to straight girls. It can either be homosexuals or heterosexuals. They're created curvy with big boobs and butt, but the outfits are mostly school uniforms or other clothes fit for girls in that age group.


In this category of hentai anime, the dolls are dressed like girls showing characteristics of cats. They are designed with whiskers, cattails, and cat ears. They also come with a big ass as well as big boobs.

Apart from the above categories, you can also differentiate anime sex dolls depending on their hair color. You might think it's just random hair color, but each of the colors represents something. Therefore, each color you see shows a particular personality. Some of the standard colors include:

Green - a green-headed doll depicts a smart, cute, and friendly anime character. This type of doll can create strong attachments.

Red - an anime character with red hair shows dominance. It shows a character that's loud, controlling, confident, and headstrong. Such dolls are very passionate.

Yellow - for an anime doll with yellow hair, an over-confident, popular, and sexy character is portrayed.

Orange - the orange hair represents being unpredictable, optimistic, very spirited, and faithful. It can also mean a character that loves attention.

Pink - this color represents some type of suttle innocence. It's for anime characters that are romantic, childish, helpful, and cheerful.


What makes anime sex dolls unique compared to other sex dolls?

The popularity of anime sex dolls grew from Japanese hentai anime. This is why they're also referred to as Japanese sex dolls. They're designed differently to resemble anime characters that have large and very enchanting eyes or boobs. The eyes are the primary source of the connection between the anime doll and the owner. You'll notice that it is very different from other sex dolls because of the big asses and breasts that anime dolls have.

The ample asses have specifically increased the interest people have in the anime dolls. They do have genitals and erogenous zones as well. They're much better than other sex dolls because you actually get to live out your fantasies about a particular character in real life. With the anime sex dolls, you're able to explore your sexuality fully. They're often associated with sexual acts that are rough and not things you'd typically see in regular porn. It's really wild porn that's disguised with cute and innocent-looking sex dolls. That's why they're dressed like little girls in school uniforms to cover the wild nature they're made of.

What is the best way to use an anime sex doll?

It doesn't matter if you've ever used one before or not; sex with these dolls is very exhilarating. You'll be able to enjoy the sexual experience if you're a beginner or an advanced user. The first thing you should consider doing before starting to play with an anime sex doll is creating a romantic atmosphere. It all depends on how romantic you want it to be. You can play some nice music, dim the lights, and play some pornographic movies. Get some pillows to get your anime girlfriend comfortable in any position you like.

It's highly recommended to use water-based lube instead of other types and apply it to your penis. You can also put the lube on the doll's penis if it's a male and go on to have fun. If you prefer using a condom, you can use that too. After you're done playing with your doll and satisfying yourself, you should properly clean it. It's also okay to watch some porn videos of people playing with their sex dolls for reference. Try using warm water to clean the doll properly.

If you feel you need a doll to fully satisfy your wild fantasies when it comes to hentai anime, getting an anime sex doll will be your best decision. All your desires will be fulfilled. You get a woman you would have only dreamt of, a woman you'd never be able to get in real life. You'll be able to enjoy sex as you've never had before. Do not delay in getting the sexual satisfaction you want and deserve. Do yourself a favor and start shopping right away for one, depending on which one will fit your needs perfectly.