Why Sex Doll Torso are the ultimate male masturbator?
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Why Sex Doll Torso are the ultimate male masturbator?

Sexual pleasure and orgasmic release are healthy for both physical and mental health. However, relationships, even sex-only relationships, can sometimes be complicated, and not everyone is guaranteed to find a satisfactory sexual partner. Also, with the high risk of sexual diseases, it's even more challenging to find the perfect sexual match. Technology has brought a new aspect to the sexual marketplace. People who choose to sexually stimulate themselves via masturbation now have a wider variety of options.

Advanced sex dolls are a hot commodity now. They're being made to be more realistic to help you enjoy as much of a natural sensation as possible while you masturbate. One of the best decisions you can make regarding your private sexual pleasures is to buy a large onahole sex doll. No other feeling can beat that of a good sex toy (other than the real thing, of course). You can get whatever you want, depending on the type of woman you like, the size of the boobs, ass, etc. There are a variety of realistic sex dolls that will offer you a sexually gratifying sensation.

You can enjoy hands-free "sex" with the sex dolls with a torso. You'll also enjoy multiple positions depending on what you like. Getting a male masturbator is now really easy with the variety of options available to choose from. If you have problems with your storage and still want to have fun with life-sized sex dolls, then the sex doll torso is the best choice.

What is a sex doll torso?

A sex doll torso is simply a life-like sex doll made similar to the human body's core, mainly the boobs, stomach, back, ass, and vagina. Some sex doll torsos come with the head while others don't have one. It doesn't have arms and legs. You can choose the type of face you like, from brunettes to blondes, or redheads, among others. If you're into sex dolls with pubic hair, they're available, or if you like it cleanly shaved, then you can have that as well. There are a lot of options available to fit everyone's needs. One of the best sex doll torsos you can get is the life-size love doll.

They're much lighter than the full-size sex dolls. A sex doll torso is one of the top options you can consider when choosing a male masturbator. However, the pleasure you feel from a doll torso is still the same. If you're only interested in certain parts of the sex toy, then you can go for the sex doll torso since it's cost-efficient and torso sex is still worthwhile. They're easily portable, and you won't have a lot of trouble finding somewhere to keep the doll torso.

How is sex doll torso good?

A sex doll torso will offer you a lot of sensation and pleasure. It's much better than just using other regular sex toys. It comes with both the vagina and anus, so you can enjoy both if that's what you desire. About the internal structure, the inner walls of the tunnel on the sex doll torso are soft to give a sensational feel. The following are some of the reasons why you may want to try torso sex:

The life-like sex doll comes with big boobs for men who love that and small as well if you prefer that. You can grab the breasts and start thrusting your manhood into a very realistic-looking vagina. It's also very tight to ensure you get maximum pleasure as you grab or slap the nice butt. It will be hard to tell that you aren't inside a real vagina. Everything will feel so real.

They are made of high-quality TPR material. These are also silicone sex dolls,  which costs much more. This ensures you get that realistic, sensual, and soft feel when you go inside the sex doll or grab the exterior. You'll feel like you have a real woman by your side, your dream woman. The silicone sex dolls also protect you if you suffer from any skin allergies.

With a sex doll torso, there's no limit to how much sex you can have in a day. It gives you perfect sex. You can masturbate for as many rounds as you wish. It doesn't get tired as a real woman might, but the feeling is very much the same as the one you'd get if you did with an actual woman.

Another thing that will make you love torso sex is that you can engage in doggy-style sex. Also, if you also love your woman on top, you can use the torso comfortably.

They won't break your bank when you purchase one. You'll have all the fun you want on a budget. You enjoy the convenience of being able to move them around easily.

What sex positions can you do with the sex doll torso?

Your sex doll torso will let you try a lot of different positions. You're in charge, and hence it's all about the positions that excite you. The following are some of the various sexual positions you can try:


You can try the doggy-style if you enjoy the view from the back while doing it. You can easily place it down without having to hold it and do it from the back. The weight on the torso makes it easy for the doll to balance on surfaces alone. You can bend it over depending on how you like it. It's flexible, and you can try a lot of positions from the back.


If you enjoy anal sex, you can also do it with the sex doll torso.  The butt has mild ridges as you go in that provide maximum sensation and pleasure. You can try any anal play that you enjoy with the doll.

As you wish

Different vaginal play positions are also achievable. You can switch the doll to any other positions you want. For the dolls that come with a face, you can have the doll face you or facing away from you. Some common sexual positions you can enjoy include scissor missionary and spooning. You can also hold the doll's torso against the wall and stroke it. You can also try both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and have the sex doll torso facing you when you want the feeling of being controlled.


The sex doll torso are mostly created with huge boobs for those who fantasize about large-breasted women. You can easily titty fuck them. If you enjoy passing your penis through breasts when masturbating, you can try those dolls for a perfect Paizuri; your experience will be exhilarating.

Japanese sex doll torso


The Japanese sex toy industry offers some of the best sex doll torsos. It's flooded with male sex toys that you can immensely enjoy. If you desire to have something to grope, they have great life-size dolls made of silicone. A silicone sex doll is very easy to clean and is much softer to give you a realistic feel. The torsos with faces are designed to look like Japanese women, anime characters, or even some porn stars.

The Japanese sex doll torsos bring out the unique temperament, sensual, sexy, and charming nature of Japanese women. They're tough to resist for many men, especially those with fetishes that are primarily depicted in Hentai. The TPE dolls are life-like and give you a feel of Japanese women in every way. The virtuousness, cuteness, and charm of Japanese women are all in the sex doll torso.