TOP 5 Breast and Big Boobs onaholes!
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TOP 5 Breast and Big Boobs onaholes!

Hi, you wankers! Boobs, jugs, globes, knockers, Bubbies, tits... There are as many different ways to name the tits as there are choices for boobs sex toys! As you already knew, the onaholes boobs are Japanese sex toys in the shape of a woman's breasts. They are perfect for masturbating while practicing Paizuri, one of the best sexual pleasure! This masturbator is the essential male sex toy for lovers of tits jobs and VR porn video! Also, they will lovely add a real plus to your pocket pussy. The onaholes boobs provide a realistic feel to the touch, and the nipples are extremely well detailed same as sex dolls. There are onahole boobs in all sizes! Fans of massive boobs and titty fucking will be thrilled! As I told you, there are many different boobs sex toy types, and it is sometimes difficult to choose. So I propose you a TOP 5 boobs onaholes and take you to a breast and nipple world!

Busty Ai-chan

Ai-chan has been masturbating thousands of men around the world for almost 10 years now! 

Its shape, size, and softness are perfect, and its cost-performance ratio is still unbeatable in the onaholes boobs category! Busty-Aichan is THE perfect onahole boobs. The nipples are pink, and the beautiful G cups are exciting just by looking at them. The softness and volume are such that the Paizuri becomes a drug!  

The feel to the touch is delightful, and the skin feels great. The material is so perfect and realistic that you will naturally want to lick its big G-cup size breasts if you touch it. You also have fun pinching the nipples, which are also perfectly made. In short, a real jewel! Excitement and fun are guaranteed. Ai-chan remains number 1!

Busty Eve

Busty-Eve (Boobs Eve) was developed with a new material called Succubus skin Silicone. This material is odorless, not very sticky, and gives these adults good a very satisfactory durability. The firmness, elasticity, and softness of these boobs are fantastic!  

The firmness of these big tits allows you to practice titty fucking in a very comfortable way. Moreover, the space between the two tits is quite small and allows you to wrap your cock firmly and enjoy extreme stimulation. The nipples and areolas are also very well made, and their hardness makes them irresistible! 

Its base is perfectly flat. It will be effortless to put it on any surface and your Dakimakura

Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX

Astonishing P cup size and 3.4Kg! This adult good is a marvel! The width is 32.5 centimeters, and the height is 12 centimeters, and in the cup of a real woman, it is a big breast "P cup."

Its multi-layer structure gives its texture an elasticity mixing an irreproachable firmness and a perfect softness. You can enjoy a realistic feeling of rubbing that is not too monotonous. Of course, these massive boobs onahole will be ideal for paizuri. The nipples and areolas are very realistic and reproduce the expression of a more beautiful eroge-painted nipple. Their firmness is perfect for playing with by pinching and licking them!

Akari chan no Oppai II

The pie masturbator in the shape of big tits that will delight fans of big tits is here! The character of "Akari-chan" inspires these massive tits onahole from the art of the anime circle of doujin "Sealfish." The weight is 11.2 kg, and the size is about 40 cm square. It is the biggest "boobs toys" on the market. 

Its structure is not of two layers but three! This XXL onahole is firm and soft, and its material is odorless. As soon as you have it in your hands, you can bury your face, rub it, lick it, suck it, pinch it, rub it, dirty it, and finally, you can experience a crazy tits job! The huge nipples and areolas are also huge and exceptional. They are proportional to the gigantic size of this adult toy.

Maid San Oppai - Maid's Tits

The tits of the maid "Anzu-chan" are plump. This G-cup breast is made of two layers filled with soft gel. It is a boobs onahole made in the very image of a divine milkmaid. It is popular for its shape, size, and durability. 

The width is less than 30 cm, and the height is about 9 cm. This realistic waistline feeling is wonderful, the shape of this boobs toy is gorgeous, and it is the kind of breast that every man dreams of. The weight is 2kg with G cup size tits! Impressive touch sensation! 

Not very smelly and sticky. The nipples are small and pink, and they are made of the same material as the rest of the breast. They are soft and pulpy. The titty fucking practice provides a soft but firm rub. 


I remind you that to take care of these onaholes boobs, and I strongly advise you to use sex lube. Also, make sure to clean them properly and keep them in good condition. All the onahole boobs I've presented in this article are pure marvels and have already received tens of thousands of positive comments worldwide!