How to choose perfect lubes to enjoy Onaholes
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How to choose perfect lubes to enjoy Onaholes

If you think that all lotions are the same and have no effect on how your onahole feels or that you can use the same cream you use to penetrate your partner, you're wrong! I strongly advise you not to choose lubes for onahole lightly.

Each sex lub has its own characteristics, being adapted to a specific use or sensation. There are lubes for anal, sexual intercourse, massage and onaholes, and many other uses. If you choose pocket pussy dedicated lubes, this lubricant will bring you straight forward the full potential of your onaholes.

Let's take a look at the specifics you need to pay attention to influence the way you feel with your onahole.

The viscosity of Onahole's lubes

Viscosity is a crucial factor for onaholes. It makes the difference between friction that will give you more or less intense stimulation and perfect sensations. Put merely, lotions with high viscosity are more or less sticky, and lubricant with a low viscosity is softer.

With a high-viscosity lubricant, the texture is thicker. Therefore the stimulus from the structure of the onahole transmitted to the penis is less. On the contrary, if the viscosity is low, the stimulus will be much more powerful. You will feel the smallest details of your pocket pussy's internal structure.

High viscosity lotions are recommended for those who prefer relaxing masturbation is gentle. They are also ideal for those who suffer from premature ejaculation and allow more time to reach orgasm. The low viscosity lotions are recommended for those who want to privilege the sensations and strong stimuli of the onahole. Perfect for those who have delayed ejaculation, the strong stimuli will increase the chances of reaching orgasm faster.

Special featured lubes for male sex masturbators

In addition to reducing friction, each lubricant has its specificities according to its use. The lubes you use to lubricate and remove the squeak from your front door will not have the same characteristics as the lubricant you use specifically for masturbation with onaholes!

Lotions specially designed for onahole are usually ready to use and do not need to be diluted with water. Their packaging and the shape of their container are also generally easy to use and allow you not to spill the lotion all over your hand and chair. Needless to say that it is efficient so that you don't have to flush it out for a third person. It is effortless to aim the onahole with the special onahole lotion bottles.

Another fundamental characteristic of the lubricant for pocket pussy, they take time to dry. This makes it perfect for taking your time to shake hands with the milkman and enjoy your masturbation without putting it back on every minute. It is very appreciated for those who like to take their time and those for whom masturbation is a relaxation moment.

The onahole type masturbator lubricants are also very easy to clean and wipe off. As you know, the life span of an onahole depends mainly on its excellent maintenance and washing. Some pocket pussy with a complex internal structure is sometimes a headache for cleaning. It will be much easier to get rid of this not very fun stain with the right lubricant. It is convenient for XXL onaholes such as Hips, Boobs, Torso, and even full sex doll, which can be very heavy.

Find your fantasies and increase your excitement!

The fantasies are unique and specific to each one. Some onahole lubricants are specially designed to reach the perfect sexual pleasure and to bring out the little details that ordinary lotions don't have like, smell or texture.

While searching for your onahole type masturbator lotion, Japanese sex toy manufacturers will offer you lubricants with unusual smells. You will find onahole lubes with the scent of a woman's body or even the scent of worn excited pussy! You will also find lotions reproducing identically the smells and wet of real JAV actresses! These special lubricants are called Love Juice. A real pleasure to satisfy your fantasies with a real JAV pornstar. Some Jewish Love Juices are also specially designed for anal.

For blowjob lovers and onahole mouth-shaped users, lotions replicating the texture of saliva exist. These lubricants will allow you to simulate good fellatio made a drooling mouth and greedy.

The fetishists of big breasts full of milk will also find their pleasure with Milk-flavored cloudy breast milk lotions.

Choose wisely!

There are many other features for lotions designed for onahole. Japanese sex toy manufacturers are not lacking in imagination when it comes to fantasy and pleasure. Every new onahole lubricant is launched on the market. However, try to test them and find the right shoe for you. Take the time to choose according to your expectations, use, and type of onahole (oral, vaginal, anal).

Stay tuned for our next article, have fun and stay safe!