What is a Meiki onahole?
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What is a Meiki onahole?

Do you want your toy to be really high quality and unique? A Meiki Onahole will bring you to a different level. It may even be hard to go back to your girlfriend after experiencing what a Meiki Onahole has to offer!

Want to know more? Come on, let dive into the fascinating universe of what premium onaholes have to offer.

What does Meiki mean?

In Japanese, the word "Meiki" has different meanings, but when we talk about sex, Meiki means a perfect and comfortable vagina. A pussy that is at all levels above the norm, both visually and in terms of comfort. In short, the Holy Grail for optimum sensations of pleasure.

What is Meiki onahole?

A Meiki onahole is the most realistic, most stimulating, and more realistic sex toy. They are a replica of the vagina of the most famous JAV porn stars. Yes, when using a Meiki onahole, you will feel just like what you would do if you were fortunate enough to have sex with a celebrity.

Who is your favorite Japanese porn actress? Well, now you can get right inside her with this amazing series of lifelike masturbation sleeves. Choose from the top Japanese erotic stars! Maria Ozawa, Aika, Anri Okita…and many more! The series also includes gravure idols.

Meiki onaholes are Japanese masturbators that will mimic the shape of a vagina as closely as possible. The manufacturers of Meiki incorporate different internal structures according to a real vagina's shape to awaken more intense sensations. Most onaholes can be made of different textures, and Meiki are made out the top of the line ones, such as one we call the Twilight Zone of sex.

As you can imagine, when we talk about Meiki Onahole, we are obviously talking about First Class Onahole. The Ferrari of the onaholes. This category of Onahole usually includes incredibly realistic molds.

They are made in the ultimate ways Japane ways is famous. Do you drive a Toyota or a Nissan? So you know what I am talking about. But in the case of Meiki, it will be a Lexus, of course. They combine high technology and tradition.

Indeed Meiki onaholes are made using a technology called "clone tech," which produces scanned images allowing the production of a first mold reproducing the anatomy of the vagina, clitoris, and anus. A second mold is used to reproduce the internal anatomy and internal textures.

Not a single crevice will be forgotten. I told you, it was the ultimate onahole! Check the pictures below to get a good grasp of the process, even though I have to admit that a pussy covered with alginate silicone is not really my thing...Who said Chantilly cream? ;-)

The authoritative manufacturer in the production of Meiki Onahole is the company NPG. Indeed, in 2007 the manufacturer NPG released its first model of Onahole called Meiki. To develop this fist Meiki style onahole, NPG worked closely with gynecologists and obstetricians since NPG is considered a specialist of Meiki Onahole and has developed many masturbators in collaboration with JAV actresses and engraving idols.

Being considered a First Class masturbator, the manufacturers use their best materials, making the Meiki very close to a human skin's feeling. The materials are of high quality, and the finishing touches are flawless.

Why are Meiki onaholes so popular?

Quality has a price, of course, but these sex Rolls Royce have gained huge popularity in Japan and worldwide.

Realism and extreme feeling

Well, the answer is simple! Because of their quality and of the sensations they provide, Meiki Onaholes have revolutionized the world of sex-toy. They have become the most popular male masturbators in Japan. Their realism and how they are made from molds of real JAV actresses' realistic vaginas have allowed fans to experience their favorite actresses' pussies.

This has been a real boost to make Meiki onaholes a must-have in Japan and around the world. Nowadays, many manufacturers have their own range of Meiki onahole, and you could now find a huge choice of Meiki. Some are also made from anime characters and Hentai doujin characters.

But be careful; Meiki is simply a Japanese slang word, not a quality label for Onaholes. Some manufacturers call their products Meiki without having any of the specificities of the real Meiki Onaholes. Therefore some basic and cheap Onaholes may have the name of Meiki on their packaging.

So look carefully at your choice! When buying a car, you can test drive it. Unfortunately, you cannot do the same with a sex toy but believe, by choosing a top of the line meiki onahole and a suitable sex lubricant, you will feel in heaven. You will never wonder again if you can have a real orgasm with a sex toy! You will!

Ejaculation disorder treatment

The fact that Meiki Onaholes are exact replicas of women's vaginas, these masturbators provide sensations almost lifelike real penetration. Some users have been able to treat their erection or premature ejaculation problems with masturbation sessions using Meiki Onhaole. Learn more about why you should use onahole.