Why should I use an onahole?
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Why should I use an onahole?

Masturbation has many benefits and is not dangerous! For those who still doubt it read our article on this matter. An onahole is a masturbator designed to make male masturbation even more enjoyable.

More and more men worldwide enjoy masturbating using an onahole and are now considering it as their best friend just following their dog. Many men still have negative preconceived ideas about masturbators. Some even think that using a device for masturbation is pathetic.

But mentalities have changed a lot, and the market for Onaholes is constantly evolving, bringing new fantastic toys to the table. Manufacturers are developing more and more advanced products, which is the definitive proof that onaholes are pleasurable.

Nowadays, enjoying masturbation with an onahole masturbator has become less and less taboo and is getting popular. However, many continue to masturbate in a rudimentary way using their hand.

Suppose we had to compare masturbation to a plane trip. Would you prefer to fly economy or first class? The choice is yours. This article will present you with all the wonderful benefits of this First class trip you can share with your Willy.

What are the benefits of different and more intense stimuli?

An Onahole is a masturbator into which you insert your penis to reach climax. To know everything about these magical toys, it's here.

There are made of very elastic materials such as silicone and elastomer. The inside can have different structures and textures. Masturbators can be divided into different types according to their size and structure. And the biggest advantage I can think of is that you can enjoy different stimuli and different pleasures with anyone of them.

There is something for every taste and size. It's up to you to choose it according to your anatomy and your expectations. Whether your preference is oral, vaginal, anal, and even paizuri, you will find your happiness with the onaholes. I give you some advice on how to choose your Onahole here.

Many textures and materials exist, and each of them brings unique feels. Come and discover them here. Sometimes much more intense than what could give you sex with your partner.

How to simulate real intercourse?

There are many types of Onahole, and some are large, such as Torso, Hips and Butt, and full sex dolls. These great masturbators' characteristics are that you can get pleasure by simulating the gestures and positions of real intercourse like moving your hips and leaving your hands free to hold a beer.

These feels are completely different and really differ from traditional manual masturbation. Also, unlike sex, you don't have the pressure to satisfy your partner, and you can take all the time and arrangements you need to satisfy at your own pace and reach orgasm!

That's the appeal of masturbation. While having the same sensations of a real sexual act, your brain will take a different approach to the act. This will have many advantages because being in almost similar conditions to reality, and you will be able to work optimally on controlling your climax.

Onaholes can prevent and cure premature ejaculation

Not only can masturbation do you good, but with the help of an Onahole, it also allows you to experience a real simulated sexual act regardless of your preferences and practices.

Depending on its internal texture and material, the onahole will also offer you various feels and stimuli. Sometimes, they will even be much more intense than the intercourse with a flesh and bone partner.

As a result, the approach becomes completely different. This opens the way to solving problems that can negatively affect your sex life, such as erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation.

Premature or premature ejaculation is, together with erectile dysfunction, the most common male sexual dysfunction. Its causes are varied: they can be psychological, behavioral, neurobiological, or even genetic.

It is a very disabling problem for couples who cannot enjoy their sexual relations to the fullest. While the definitions may vary from country to country and from medical societies to medical societies, they all agree on three points. Premature ejaculation results in :

  • An ejaculation that systematically or very often occurs too quickly, before the man or his partner want it;
  • An inability to "hold" or control the ejaculation;
  • Negative psychological repercussions.

As stated above, onaholes are perfect sex toys to simulate a real sexual act. They allow you to get used to and train your penis. Different exercises are possible and even recommended by doctors themselves, such as the stop-and-go exercise.

What is the stop and go method?

What is the stop and go method?

The stop-and-go is an exercise that can be done during masturbation or during sexual intercourse. It is a way for the man to identify no return point and stop all stimulation before reaching this point.

A pause of 30 seconds to 1 minute is needed before resuming penile stimulation and/or penetration. And stop again before reaching the point of no return. Repeat 5 times before allowing the ejaculation to occur finally.

Practicing penile pressure

During masturbation, when ejaculation is close, you can push the brake of your penis for 5 seconds with your thumb, that is to say, the base of the penis, while holding the tip with your other fingers.

This will bring the excitement down. You should pause for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise several times for 10 minutes.

If you want to know more about existing techniques, you can look at this article medically reviewed by Doctor Janet Brito.

Onaholes reproduce any part of the female body

Depending on the model, Onaholes will be shaped according to different parts of a woman's anatomy, such as breasts, mouth, vagina, and anus.

The use of an Onahole requires lubricants. It is not exaggerated to say that the sensations are almost identical to that of real penetration. So why not try it?

For virgins who have not yet experienced sex, it will give them a totally unknown and intoxicating experience of pleasure. For those wondering if you can reach orgasm with an onahole, I invite you to read our article, which deals with the subject.