New JAV actress debut in 2021
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New JAV actress debut in 2021

2021 will be an excellent vintage for the JAV pornstar world! Why? Quite simply, many beautiful actresses are coming to this industry, and it's not to displease us! A lot of new talents made their debut early this month. I let you discover these little golden girls who will very quickly become real stars! Let's have a look at the new JAV actress debut in 2021!

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Maya Shigure 

It's never too late! This beautiful 41-year-old woman with beautiful white skin is making her debut!

Maya Shigure has been married for 15 years and has a son. Being tired of her husband cheating on her, she decided to take revenge! This charming mother decided to do it by starting in porn for our greatest pleasure....and hers probably too!

Mako Aoyama

She likes dirty games with her I-cup size oppai. A new one in the JAV big boobs category. Watch out!


Mako Aoyama was a hostess in Ginza in a club. She loved sex so much that she couldn't help but have sex with some of her clients. To satisfy her inexhaustible sexual urges, she decided to take up the challenge and become a porn star! This dream girl with huge breasts loves cosplay and sex-toys! Mako Aoyama announced that she had no sense of chastity and wanted to become famous. We don't worry about her! 

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Maya Hongo

Maya Hongo is 22 years old, a student, G-cup, and has a well-groomed face, both serious and erotic. Only three months before graduating from her university graduation, she decided to make her debut in JAV. The first time she had sex, she wetted her panty and squirted like an Italian fountain.

Aso Margaret Nanami

Aso Maragaret is born in Seattle, she teaches English in Japan, and the latest news is that she is still teaching her students! For her debut, we can see this charming 170cm tall lady in a classroom setting! 


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Mone Kamishiraishi

JAV START for Mone Kano


This 20-year-old woman is still studying at a prestigious university in Japan! She came from a rigorous family and could not go out at night before she was 20 years old. To celebrate the removal of the family "curfew," she decided to reach the extremes and to make her debut in porn! No doubt an act of small personal revenge against her not very funny family! Despite her innocent little girl look, Mone Kano is a mature woman who knows perfectly her physical assets. Check by yourself!

Ren Usui

Ren Usui is not shy in front of the camera because she was already an actress for various formats as a child. And now, she decided to fulfill her dream of being a porn star and to make her JAV debut. We're not going to hide it. We love her. 


At the age of 25, this half-American, half-Japanese beauty is about to get married. Still, she always had strong sexual urges and felt that sex with her fiancé wasn't enough. "I want to be sexually fulfilled before marriage! "she said. We want her to thrive too! 


Miu Shiramine


Already famous as Gravure Idol, Miu Shiraminewas determined to make her debut in porn for some time. With her F cup and an erotic style that does not leave indifferent, she had all the assets for this career. A beautiful face! Big size! Beautiful legs! The ultimate perfection! 

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Hyakuta Kurumi 

An angel with F cup boobies that came straight from our most erotic dreams.


Hyakuta Kurumi will not betray our expectations! All we know about her at the moment is that she loves karaoke, omelets, and cocking. It's already a good start!

Sawa Lemon


A beautiful exotic girl! Her origins obviously distinguish Sawa Lemon. Some say that she doesn't really fit in the Japanese style, but wouldn't that also be an asset? She has beautiful G cup tits and an ass that smells like sunshine! She is tall, her legs are long, and her silhouette is just perfect! A real model!

During her first shooting, she was so shy, and some production team members wondered if she really wanted to do porn... But after the first session was shot, no doubt! She loved it and begged for more. 

Megu Sugisaki

At 31, this life insurance company employee accepts all her clients' requests.


Megu Sugisaki, 31 years old, a married woman who works as a life insurance saleswoman. She has already had a lot of adventures with her clients. This gorgeous woman practices a can-do attitude and is ready to accept anything as long as it gives her pleasure.

Megu made her debut in porn under the advice of a friend. He must have known her talent in bed... In any case, thank you for advising her in this sense. We are delighted. 

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Ran Kusunoki

Ran Kusunoki is 23 years old and is a hairdresser. She started in AV to satisfy her impulses! She doesn't hide it, she loves sex, and that's the one and the only reason why she got into porn—a gorgeous girl who looks innocent but who knows how to go wild in front of the camera. 

Asaka Tomita 

"I came here to find something more important than money..." said this beautiful 38-year-old housewife.

Tomita Asaka is a married woman whose husband is almost 30 years older than her. According to her statement, her husband can no longer satisfy her sexually, and that's why she decided to go into porn. She also adds that it has been a long time since she had sex....We are ready to help, aren't you? 

Chen Mie 

26 YEARS OLD The ultimate shameful sexual intercourse that is more embarrassing than being naked

Chen Mie is 26 years old and loves Japanese sexual culture. So much so that she has been working hard to satisfy her perverse desires in Japanese porn. Not much information about her at the moment but we will tell you more about her very soon. 

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Hanai Shizuku

Hanai Shizuku is a 22-year-old student with a beautiful smile. She works part-time as a waitress. Hanai was tired of working hard to pay for her studies and decided to combine business with pleasure. She is a dominant young woman and loves hardcore sex. 

Ariga Minaho

This 32-year-old woman is the wife of a former music teacher. She was born and raised in a family of musicians and studied music by practicing the piano. Before her debut in porn, she had only two relationships, including one with her husband. As for Megu Sugisaki, it was a friend who advised her to play in an adult film. Friends are always good advice! Let's get the music going!