All you need to know about JAV (Japanese adult video) - Part 1
JAV and Idols

All you need to know about JAV (Japanese adult video) - Part 1

 In Japan, pornography has always been regarded as an art. Sometimes more or less well accepted and regulated, it has ever had an important place in Japanese society.

Since the appearance of the old wooden board decorated with pornographic drawings called "Shunga" and dating back to the Heian period (794 to 1185), and until today, Japanese porn has always fascinated and made Westerners curious.

We have all watched the adventures of Muranishi in the excellent naked director dram. If you have not, please stop reading this article right now, switch on your TV and watch it on Netflix. You will not regret it.

This drama is semi-fiction and exemplifies the ambivalent nature of the Japanese population. On the one hand, they are as kinky as can be, and on the other hand, they are very prude and have laws against obscenities and pixel the genitals.

These apparent contradictions are what make the Japanese Adult Video (JAV) industry so interesting! You can shoot a massive +200 people gang band, but please do not show the dicks!



Why does Japan have such a big porn industry?

You said "big"? Here might be a few reasons why Japan might have a big porn industry.

A demanding part of the world

There are several reasons for this. First of all, Japan is a global economic powerhouse with a population with high purchasing power. Suppose you add to this the fact that pornography in Japan's neighboring countries is illegal or highly regulated. In that case, you get all the ingredients for a thriving market. Indeed, all Chinese and South Asian people generally turn to Japanese porn.

In China, South Korea, and Vietnam, JAV is the most consumed pornographic content. It explains why the Japanese porn industry has an absolute monopoly in this part of the world. Moreover, JAV is significantly consumed within Japan and does not compete with the foreign productions in demand. It is not necessarily the case, for example, in the USA.

A business strategy pushed to the extreme.

Between the 60s and the 80s, Japan had a phenomenal industrial expansion. Japanese companies beat all Western competition with one key value: customer satisfaction and understanding of their needs. We can take the high-tech market with companies like Sony, Panasonic, and many others. Even if this domination ended in the '90s, Japanese companies have still kept the same business attitude and practice. This is the case of the porn industry.

First of all, what characterizes porn than Western porn is that the viewer is not considered an anonymous mass without desire, as a being with his impulses and desire, it is for this straightforward reason that JAV productions offer a highly segmented offer.



Because they are continually listening to consumers' wants, JAV productions come up with a range of fantasies that can be very precise. Production and consumers are closely linked in Japan.

There are exhibitions, meetings, and the possibility of contact is effortless between consumers and producers and actresses. This makes it possible to feedback information and to calibrate products and contents better. This strategy gives productions a wide range of commercial arguments to promote their content.

Japanese porn can also count on the culture of manga and anime to continually renew and export itself. The trend towards this ultra-segmentation can sometimes lead to unique content. Indeed, in the West, JAV is very often considered deviant or bizarre.

Why is Japanese porn so weird?

Just a matter of point of view

Maybe I'm not the best person to answer this question, but I wouldn't say that Japanese porn, called JAV, is weird. First of all, porn, like any show or other form of expression, is directly related to the culture, history, language of the country that produces it. If you take the example of game shows, it's the same thing. For Westerners, Japanese game shows are also perceived as bizarre.

As I explained, Japanese porn offers a multitude of genres and fantasies. JAV productions have a much wider range of content. Some of this content may be considered bizarre for Westerners. But this is just a misinterpretation because the strange or deviation is defined with the majority standard. In JAV, you won't find anything majority standard!



Thanks to Fans or producers?

Also, the productions communicate a lot with their audience. The contents are often inspired by consumers' expectations, who are generally willing to pay money to see content that meets a particular fantasy. The contents are not limited to the categories you are used to seeing on your favorite porn website. They respond to a request that has been identified.

Japanese adult video productions didn't wait for the internet era and YouPorn to publish the list of the most viewed and requested categories every year to adapt their offers! JAV is the perfect reflection of an industry that knows its country's culture perfectly—giving a real introductory lesson of the economy by making the difference between a supply policy and a demand policy.

Being Japanese, I also ask myself the same question: Why is western porn so dull and weird?

Why do people like Japanese porn?

These ranges are not limited to a particular actress. But have fantasies, a specific situation, a detailed sexual configuration… This mode of operation allows satisfying the fantasies demanded by consumers and make them discover others.

The perfection of actresses and fantasy

But to put it simply, it is undeniable that JAV offers countless genres. There's something for everyone. Japanese porn brings everything the public can expect in terms of entertainment. The quality of the content and the fantasy it exudes allows everyone to immerse themselves in an atmosphere conducive to realizing every dream. All the taboos of our societies are addressed, and JAV can remove any gene to fantasize about them.

The main audience for porn is undoubtedly masculine. And for the majority of men, overly aggressive and superior women can be a brake on excitement. JAV Pornstars are never intimidating and don't shout "FUCK ME HARDER" every 2 seconds.

Also, actresses reflecting the maximum Japanese beauty make Japanese adult video a very enjoyable porno. Perfect bodies with natural big boobs are mostly present. These ingredients are staged with scenarios, stories generally of quality that put the fantasy on a pedestal.

Hentai and anime

Manga and anime is a very promising vector for JAV porn. In the '80s, something appeared to expand the video market. That's how the audiovisual market was born, which was going to be very profitable. The rise of adult games started here too. In the late 1980s, adult manga, or "dojinshi," predominated.

Manga fans are also generally an audience and consumer of Hentai and doujinshi. Many productions offer cosplay genres. All fans quickly find themselves in demand and watch Japanese adult video that take up all the manga's imaginary world codes.

Of course, there are many other reasons that it would be impossible to list them all in one paragraph. I hope that this article will give you some answers about JAV and its characteristics. A second article on this subject is in preparation. We will deal in more detail with aspects of porn video production and actresses.

In the meantime, stay tuned and safe!