All you need to know about ball vibrators

All you need to know about ball vibrators

Ball vibrators will certainly not be the first sex toy that will come to your mind when thinking about pleasuring yourself. But it would be best if you indeed considered them. Let's check what they are, how to use them, and if they are worth it?

Testicles are full of sensitive fibers. They can either provide intense pain. We have all been in a bar fight trying to protect our most precious possessions and aiming for the ones of the big guy in front of us. Haven't you?

But the flip coin is that they are also a source of pleasure when stimulated carefully. That is the aim of ball vibrators! To provide feelings that you will remember and will certainly ask for more.

Is trimming your pubes recommended?

trim your pube

When playing with your balls, a good lube is needed. Some people even go one step further and trim their pubes. It may be a little challenging to get a clean shave, but when having a cock ring around your balls, you certainly do not want some hair to stick in. The choice is yours.

To be fully honest with you, we never tried to cut our ball hair, but it makes sense, and we might give it a try one day.

A cockring as the ultimate ball vibrator


When appropriately positioned, cock rings will not only help you sustain a more prolonged erection, but some of them will also attach to the base of your testicles and will provide ball vibrator features.

Vibrating your balls during the act, primarily if they are properly lubricated, will provide a different type of sensation, just like a wet tongue slightly licking your testicles. We assume that you will like this feeling as soon as we do.

What about vibrating cockrings?

Vibrating cock rings are a great way of combining stimulation from different sources. We always want more and a vibrating cockring is a great to increase the feels exponentially.


Vibrating cockrings are relatively new to the market but, they may well be the best invention in the world of sextoys...following chantilly cream and peanut butter. You know what I mean, don't you?

Speaking about multiplying the sources, we could not recommend more to combine an onahole and a cockring. It may appear a little bit ober the top but that's definetly worth it.

As you know, onaholes come in different sizes, textures, and shapes. The Meiki onaholes even reproduce the vagina of your favorite JAV pornstars. Using your favorite onahole with a cockring could be seen as being a little bit over the top. But trust me, it is not. I did the test for you. And I still remember it...

Specific ball vibrators sex toy?

To the best of my knowledge, apart from the vibrating cock ring, Oxballs is really the company that will take care of your testicles. They offer numerous products that have been specifically designed to produce testicular stimulation.


Their cocksling proves so famous that they released the cocksling version 2 designed to pleasure your balls. For the more adventurous of you, we also recommend trying the OxBalls SackJack that will encompass both the testicles and the shaft. We have not tried it yet, but it is certainly on my Valentine's day gift list!

In a nutshell

Don't forget that your balls are one of the most sensitive parts of your anatomy. When playing with them, be gentle. Start by massaging them and if you like the feeling, well go one step further and use a vibrating cockring!

If you appreciate the results, the next logical step is to combine the pleasures and use the cockring with a fleshlight or an onahole!! For more specialized ball vibrators, use the oaxring and get into a universe that you never suspected really existed!