What is an onacup masturbator?

What is an onacup masturbator?

An onacup is a disposable masturbator for men that simulates penetration. In recent years, some onacups offer the possibility to be washed and used several times. That cup-style masturbator has evolved, so let's look at what is, nowadays, an onacup masturbator.

Onacups are tubular cup-style onaholes with a rigid shell and very often built-in lubricant. Just insert your penis and masturbate using a standard back and forth movement. This type of masturbator has been used in Japan since the Edo period. The Japanese brand TENGA has made onacups extremely popular throughout the world since the early 2000s.


These masturbators are often inexpensive. Thanks to textures' multiple choices, you can even try different sensations at a low price point. Even though onacups are among the cheapest sex toys, they allow you to easily achieve high quality and pleasurable masturbation.

The majority of onacups are disposable. You just have to throw it away after using it once, thus simplifying the potential issue of cleaning and storage. Because most of them are designed to be disposable, they are not built of durable materials and can be found at a low price point.

Why are onacups so popular?


Onacups have always been very popular for several main reasons, first of all, their price. Indeed you can find Cups from about 5 to 15 dollars. The price is often in line with the quality. But you can find a delightful product for less than 10 dollars. The TENGA brand is proof with their bestseller around 8 dollars. For daily masturbation lovers, the cups' use can quickly become a little expensive in the long run.

Being inexpensive and easy to manufacture, Onacups are an entire field for experimenting and let companies fully express their creativity...for our greatest happiness. Some onacups become real objects resulting from scientific research and conceptualized by doctors.


No more than one quarter of the models available in Japan are available on the US market! I feel like seeing new Onacups coming out every week. There are even Cup-Noodle-shaped ones for the weirdest ones! Dozens and dozens of different models are available with different textures, materials, and gadgets. You can find your happiness without difficulty

Since the last few years, the Onacup category has been renewed, and new, higher-end types are now being created. Thanks to these latest reusable and durable models, Cup style masturbators are increasingly leaving their cheap masturbator image behind. Many onacups are manufactured in limited quantities! A real collector's item!


Why are onacups so good?

Hand masturbation often involves a much stronger grip than normal vaginal pressure. It can give the impression that there is no sufficient resistance when inserting it into a woman, resulting in the inability to reach orgasm through sex. Thus, by using an onacup to masturbate, you will obtain a pressure on your penis almost identical to that of your partner's real penetration. Orgasm is guaranteed!

Easy to use

One or two tabs to remove, and then just put your Willy inside. The vast majority of onacups are already lubricated. Ready to use. Most onacups are single-use and, therefore, disposable. As the name suggests, simply throw it away after use. There are no problems with cleaning or storage.



Disposable means more hygienic. No hazardous washing and no risk of contamination with bacteria or other molds. Spluge, wrap, and throw away!

How to choose an Onacup?

Now that you know what an Oncacup is let's take a look at how to choose one. It's important to choose the right size! If you're a heavy consumer of dicks, choose a soft cup.

As with any masturbator, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an onacup is to know the size of your penis in length and circumference. An onacup that doesn't fit will not give you the optimal sensation. However, you can use onacup with a narrower orifice and enjoy the tight stimulation if you want to enjoy high pressure.


The material is housed in a rigid shell, and, unlike classic onahole, it is not elastic. If the size does not fit the size of your penis, during your masturbation, the movement will be restricted, and you will not be able to enjoy it optimally. Please read the packaging or the retailer's descriptions carefully.

Lots of sensations and gadgets to discover!

The next thing to consider when choosing your onacup is simply the type of sensation you are looking for. Indeed, as I said earlier, there are countless models that provide different sensations.


There are also different types of gadgets, such as spiral structures that further increase the stimulation when you turn it. You will also find models with an air hole that allows you to experience a vacuum, suction feeling. Think carefully about the type of stimulation you want, and choose the one that's right for you!

Read the reviews and comments

Being easy to manufacture, there are many onacup manufacturers and resellers on the internet. Many of them are generally made in China and of poor quality and use untested materials. They are, therefore, not very safe. I advise you to choose your store carefully and to read the reviews and comments of each product, which I think will be, in most cases, an excellent way to make an opinion.

Try it!

If you are curious and want to try a masturbator for the first time, onacups will be perfect to start. They will also be good for familiarizing yourself with more advanced masturbators like Meiki onahole and other ranges. Even connoisseurs and amateurs love them because they are cheap and allow you to discover new sensations for a very reasonnable price. Their sales are increasing every year, and the manufacturers are constantly improving them.