Why are Japanese sex toys considered the best?

Why are Japanese sex toys considered the best?

For years, most people have had concerns about Japanese sex toys because of the size. People consider them to be considerably smaller than those made in other areas such as Europe or the United States. However, size is not the only important aspect of the pleasure a sex toy gives.

The Japanese sex toys are manufactured, focusing on tightness, physical design, and shape. For example, it doesn't matter how deep an onahole is made, that's not what determines pleasure, but rather it's the design of the hole inside that matters. The use of sex lubes also makes penetration much easier and also enhances the sensation.

One of the unique aspects of the Japanese sex toy industry is the way it revolves around parody and irony. Most of the sex toy designs are influenced by Manga and anime. Other inspirations for sex toys and pornography include real-life events and scandals.

Why Japanese Sex Toys are the Best

They're the best for a lot of reasons. We'll have a deeper look at why you should consider purchasing some of them.

Good quality sex machines

The biggest reputation that Japan has is its manufacturing of high-quality home appliances and other electrical gadgets. Well, if that's the only thing you thought they're good at, you're wrong. The vast knowledge they have with creating a wide range of electronic machines is extended to the creation of their sex machines. One of the biggest brands you'll see when it comes to sex machine manufacturers is Rends.

Their products are some of the best. They have a variety of sex machines, including onaholes and masturbators. They have a lot of advantages, including the high-quality material they are made with is impressive. Japanese sex toys will last for a long time when you buy one. You won't worry about replacements fast, and they're extremely powerful, so you know you'll be able to climax well.

You won't use one cup/sleeves permanently. They can be interchanged, offering you more variety, and they also have vibration mode, which increases the intensity of pleasure, making it feel way much better. The general term sex machines is a collective noun for many different masturbators, including masturbators with vibrators, automated masturbators, also known as electronic masturbators, pistons, masturbots, powered masturbators, and male vibrators as well.

Sex dolls are made of silicone

As opposed to other manufacturers worldwide, Japanese sex toys are made from silicone and not latex. Some are made from different materials, but the very best and good quality ones are the silicone ones. Great examples of such toys are those that Orient Industry creates.

The preference of this material for Japanese manufacturers is because of the different benefits it offers. Heat is an essential factor even when you get intimate with your partner, and that's what sex doll engineers take into consideration. The heat is highly retained in silicone; therefore, you feel like it's real when you use the sex dolls. It won't be much different than if you do it with someone.

They come with a free lubricant

There are several type s of sex lubes that are flavored. Also, there are lubrications used to provide a cooling or heating sensation. The lubricants in Japan are referred to as "lotion," and the anal lubes are referred to as "gel." Each type of lube that's sold is recommended for a particular service. For the salt/bath additives, liquid lube and powder lube are the types that work well when you want to feel sensual.

They form bubbles by making the bathwater lube. They also are used for massage fetishes (nurunuru). Therefore if your partner is into massage fetishes, they're the best to use. Each type of sex toy you buy comes with its own kind of lubricant.

Onaholes mainly work well with water-based lubes. There are some sex lubes created explicitly for anal use. They make penetration much easier and fun. If you're in no position to access water to wash after a sexual encounter, some are no-wash, and you can use a towel to clean up or a tissue.

Japanese Sex Toy Brands

There are several leading sex toy manufacturers and brands in Japan. Tenga is one of the first Japanese sex toy brands that has created many great toys, including the flip hole, cups, and Tenga Eggs. The Orient Industry is another popular brand that makes luxurious realistic sex dolls. The dolls they created are very realistic, made of silicone, and life-sized. You can choose to have a custom design created for you.

Types of Masturbators in Japan

There are several terms that refer to masturbators. They are also called masturbation aid or masturbation toys. They are different types of sex toys that can be penetrated. Most people also know them as pocket pussy. They're small and can be carried around easily. The toy has a design that makes it feel very realistic. Some are made so that they stroke the penis through the texture inside the toy. Hence, they're referred to as strokers.

The male sex toys are made in both vaginal and anal designs. The vaginal ones are the most popular. The onahole is a popular type of masturbator in Japan. The ones meant for giving pleasure simulating blowjobs are made like a mouth. The others have breasts, buttocks, and a waist as well to make them more realistic. Some of the most popular sex dolls categories include the push fools and the air dolls known as kukiningyo.


This is a popular type of male masturbator toy designed to resemble a real vagina. The name means masturbation hole. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They exist in two categories; the ones with no air hole at the end and the ones that have a hole at the end. They create a stimulating vacuum-like effect around the penis when penetrated. The onahole, unlike the fleshlight, has a lot of custom features that other toys in other regions don't have. You can only exclusively find them in onaholes in Japan.

Meiki onahole

This is an upgraded version of an onahole. Meiki is referred to as a superb vessel. They don't have a particular design, but it serves better than a regular onahole. They're also created as clones to resemble the vaginas of popular Japanese pornstars.


This is a type of onahole whose design resembles a cup, and they're usually disposable. They can be used a few times and are very suitable for beginners in the Japanese sex toy industry. They offer a lot of conveniences and are very tight to provide maximum pleasure.


If you're a big fan of breasts, this is the best toy for you. As it's commonly referred to in English, a paizuri refers to a titty fuck, titty job, or simply breast sex. It's the act of pouring lube all over breasts, then squeezing and rubbing a penis on them until you reach an orgasm. There are a variety of toys made to resemble real breasts for ultimate pleasure.


These are toys that offer pleasure as hug pillows. They're also commonly known as love pillows or body pillows. You can use those that come with decorative covers on regular cushions. There are also inflatable ones if you prefer that type. They have holes that you can use to please yourself with the use of masturbators.

Smell fetish toys

Smell fetish is a very popular thing in the Japanese adult toys industry; therefore, the industry is filled with many smell fetish sex toys. You get to explore various scents with used panties, sex lubes with unique smells, and smell sprays. The products can be used with different toys, your hands, or even your partner.

Japanese Adult Video

A law was set in Japan centuries ago that includes adopting some western behaviors. According to the law, however, genitals shouldn't be displayed in public. That's why most Japanese pornography (Japanese adult video) videos are pixelated. Most of the Japanese people don't find it a distraction to their pleasure, though.

Japanese Sex Toys Vs. US Sex Toys

The sex toys in Japan are much better than those manufactured in the United States due to several reasons. There are toys like the penis pump that even help people who have erectile dysfunction. Japan also manufactures some unique dildos since it's the wonderland of sex toys. One of the unique dildos is the "beast-inspired dildos."

An example of another line of sex toys that you can only find in Japan is the traditional Hugo Zuiki Series made of ancient materials. They offer you lubricants that work mainly with the type of toy you have purchased. You also get a wider variety of toys to have fun with. For people who enjoy the use of various sex toys, it would be wise for them to expand their horizons and try some of the many options that sex toys made in Japan can provide.