Japanese Sex Toys That Spice Up Couples' Sex Lives

Japanese Sex Toys That Spice Up Couples' Sex Lives

When it comes to varieties of adult toys, the Japanese sex toy industry is the best. You get a wide variety of sex toys to choose from. Couples of every sexual orientation can enjoy a wide selection of sex toys that will enhance their sex lives.

There are many vibrators, dildos, among other toys, that work perfectly for couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom and their sexual activities. Both locals and foreigners alike love to shop for adult toys. They aren't only very affordable, they're also perfectly designed to enhance sexual sensation, and also the materials used are body-safe and non-toxic.

One of the brands that have manufactured some of the most amazing sex toys couples use is Tenga. It manufactured some of the most game-changing masturbation aids for men. Now there's Iroha, which is a lineup of adult toys for women. Using any of the toys on your partner will bring them to levels of pleasure they never knew existed.

The following are some of the most popular Japanese sex toys couples can use when looking for some wild sexual times together.

Tenga Eggs

The Tenga egg is very popular due to the pleasure it offers males. The power that comes with this amazing male masturbator is over the top. Using it on the penis makes men feel a lot of exciting sensations. It will even be much better when you're the one using it to stroke them. They'll experience orgasms that are unmatched, and they'll never forget you.

With all the benefits the eggs have, they're quite affordable as well. The design inside is soft and very realistic to ensure you offer your partner a fantastic handjob every time you use it. You just need to pour some lube and stroke them as if your life depends on it. The texture inside the toy completely redefines the sensation received from a regular handjob.

Role-Play Toys

If you're one of those couples who always find a lot of excitement and pleasure in dressing up, there are various costume options. You can try the see-through uniforms with tops that keep the nipples and transparent and micro skirts that barely cover the buttocks.

Other popular costume choices include bunny lingerie sets, cabin attendant costumes, micro-bikinis, knee-high socks, and cosplay dressing like anime characters, among many others. If you feel a little more adventurous, you can also try the unique beast dildos that come in all shapes and colors on your partner just to add a little bit more kink.

Vibrating Cock Rings

This is a classic toy, but it's one of the best you'll ever use. Japanese cock rings are incredibly durable and created to ensure they work entirely as expected. They will feel amazing on the skin of the penis. Both you and your partner can explore the settings they come with so you can find out what will make you two happy.

It's slipped down to the penile shaft; then, after it's switched on, the vibrations are directed up the penis for a great feeling. A woman can get on top and the vibrator will also stimulate the clitoris. This gives a lot of fun both ways.

Bondage Kits

A large number of couples all over the world enjoy BDSM. The Japanese sex toys industry is full of toys perfect for couples who love bondage. People enjoy blindfolds, whips, wrist, ankle cuffs, ropes, collar restraints, and floggers. One of the many things you can try is Shibari, a unique type of Japanese rope bondage.

Other popular types of Japanese BDSM include urethral sound penetration play, as well as pee holes. You won't have to worry about discomfort. All the cuffs have soft faux fur to make them soft and comfortable on the skin.

It's a bold step to try out BDSM as a couple and go deep into the dark side of it. It will offer the two of you a feeling of fulfillment and increase the intensity of your intimacy.

The most important thing is both of you trust each other before you try out different bondage kits.

Handy Massagers

Despite being made for massaging the body, this popular type of Japanese sex toy couples use is mainly used on the vagina. You can use it to massage and stimulate your partner's vagina.

It offers a new type of excitement if you're looking for new things to try. The vibration power is off the hook, and they're also effortless to use. It will offer your wife a sensation they've never felt before. Both of you will be extremely happy and fully satisfied when it comes to your sex life.


Tenga has never failed when it comes to sex toys for couples. Another popular series from the brand is the VI-BO series. They are a set of vibrators that come in various shapes and sizes to offer different levels of pleasure.

The vibration power is very strong, and it will offer both of you unexpected orgasms. The design is aesthetically pleasing, and when you look at them, you can barely tell they're sex toys. You can try each of them and see which one fits you two best.


If you've been wondering what you can do to offer your wife more pleasure, then look no further. The Iroha series from Tenga is specifically designed for that. You'll get small controlled vibrators shaped like eggs that will do wonders for your woman. She'll experience enticing vibrations that will make her legs shake with incredible clitoral stimulations.

There are a lot of elegant designs in the series that you can choose from. They were created by women, for women. Your wife will thank you for considering such a great toy to use on her erogenous zones. Some vibrators in the Iroha series include Iroha Sakura, Iroha Yuki, Iroha Midori, and different types of Iroha Mini, among others.

Sex Helpers

The variety of sex helpers available will help you navigate your sex lives smoothly. They include sex cushions like the very famous dakimakura and wedges, onahole holders, wipes, bathing lotions, and supplements to enhance your sexual energy.

Also, there are a wide variety of anal and prostate toys. They can be used by both men and women, including butt plugs, douches, and anal beads.