What is Paizuri And Why You Should Try

What is Paizuri And Why You Should Try

Everyone loves a nice set of big tits, and as much as they're pleasing to look at, they feel pleasurable too when you fuck them doing paizuri! If you can't get real boobs to fuck, you can get a nice sex doll with a beautiful bust die for! Boobs are so sexy! You can slide your hands greedily all over them, and squeeze them onto your dick for some amazing paizuri titty fucking.


What is paizuri?

Paizuri (パ イ ズ リ) in Japanese means mammary intercourse. Paizuri is a subcategory of hentai or JAV video, and it involves breast sex, which is also referred to as titty fucking or tit fucking. It can be done as foreplay or as a form of non-penetrative sex or as an alternative to penetrative sex. It involves the stimulation of a penis using a woman's breasts. You place the penis in between breasts and stroke it up and down to create sexual pleasure, almost the same feeling that you get from vaginal penetration.



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At first, when paizuri started to become highly popular as a category in hentai, it was mainly leaning towards one side. Only women with big tits were commonly seen in most of the videos.

However, over the years, as it continues to grow, there have been many variations. Now most women in different types of hentai have different breast sizes, and they give paizuri. There's more variety now, and more boob types are being included. There are different varieties of hentai paizuri, including double paizuri (two women titty fucking one penis), multi paizuri (not different from double paizuri but it involves more than two women), clothed paizuri, and futa paizuri (it involves she-males).

How do you practice paizuri?

You might still be curious about how paizuri is done after knowing what it is. The man kneels or sits on a woman's or a she-male's stomach, placing the erect penis between the breasts, rubbing or if you like thrusting it between them. The breasts are usually squeezed around the shaft. It can be done by either the man or the woman, giving a tightness similar to when one masturbates.

In order to really enjoy it, you can use lube, saliva, or a masturbation cream to have a sweet, smooth motion. There are different alternate positions in which paizuri can be done. One of the variants involves a woman tightening her breasts around the penis and moving the breasts up and down to make the man climax. Other positions might involve the man standing and the woman kneeling, or the woman gets on top and the man lays down. It can be combined with a blow job.



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Mostly, it's women with big tits who are more suited for mammary intercourse. Nevertheless, women with smaller boobs can get on top and still do it, but the small boobs can be a bit sensitive. It's also important to note implants tend to not be flexible enough to perform paizuri. As a woman, you typically don't get direct sexual stimulation while doing paizuri, the only thing you might enjoy is making your partner achieve an orgasm.

Why do men love paizuri?

For men, mammary intercourse feels a lot like masturbating, but much better. The sensation they get from rubbing their dick up and down between the breasts is amazing. It's like a tit wank that's meant only for them to relish. The smoothness between the boobs makes them pleasurable to rub on and achieve an orgasm. Also, the visual aspect of the woman squeezing the boobs against the dick is sexy and highly sensual. The woman can also add a blowjob while at it, and it feels even better. You actually get so much pleasure without penetrative sex.

Why do women love paizuri?

When it comes to women and paizuri, there's not much sensation felt. Most women simply enjoy watching the man enjoying rubbing his dick in between her breasts. A woman enjoys doing this for him and seeing the look on his face as he achieves an orgasm. The area between the boobs isn't very sensitive, like the nipple area, but for women with sensitive boobs, they can physically enjoy it, even to the point of having an orgasm. It gives the woman some control of the pleasure the man gets when he is titty fucking her. It's a way many women use to show love to their man.

Why are Japanese sex dolls so popular with paizuri?

Japanese women are well-known to have a unique temperament, they're sexy, sensual, and very charming. It's very hard to resist them. That's why even Japanese AV models are very popular in paizuri hentai. They have beautiful boobs that you'll simply want to touch and fuck. That's why Japanese sex dolls are so popular, they're constructed to appear authentic. They look like real Japanese women, and others are even custom-made to look like the AV models, so you can have your dream model anytime you want.

They have the Japanese women's charm, virtuousness, and cuteness in their features. You can choose the sex doll that has the features you love. Depending on whether you love big or small boobs, you can have your sexy doll to do paizuri on. They're also produced with very soft TPE material and silicone. Therefore, when you touch their boobs, they feel super soft and realistic.

You can squeeze your shaft in between them, and they'll feel as good as the real thing or even better. They're also perfect for people with sensitive skin. You won't get harmed after enjoying yourself. Your sex doll is your best companion. She'll always be there waiting for you when you need to satisfy yourself. They're made in realistic human sizes to make you feel like you have a real woman or she-male.

In order to fulfill their hentai paizuri fantasy, more and more guys are turning to boobs toys and other XXL onahole such as torsos sex dolls. They come in all sizes to satisfy every pleasure!

Most oppai toys are inspired by hentai anime characters. Paizuri is so popular in the hentai culture that many forums on the internet do rankings of the best paizuri hentai scenes! These scenes often include "bakunyuu" which are characters with huge breasts perfect for hentai paizuri!

Some JAV actresses like Hitomi Tanaka or Ai Kano are considered as bakunyuu because of their massive breasts. I let you imagine the possible paizuri with this kind of breasts! Bakunyu, paizuri, and hentai paizuri are full categories on porn video sites.

To wrap up

Paizuri or Titty fucking or mammary intercourse is a very sensual act, especially for people who love boobs. You may or may not have a woman with boobs that are really nice to fuck. Nevertheless, if you're into tit fucking and you don't have a real woman to do it with, you should consider getting a big boobs Japanese sex doll. They feel as good as real boobs, and you can choose all the particular features you love.