Dakimakura or the magic pillow!
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Dakimakura or the magic pillow!

Masturbation with the hand can be a tiring routine, even with an onahole. This wrist movement becomes unattractive, and the excitement is not always there. If this is the case… I present a perfect solution to this problem: The Dakimakura. Easy to customize, to store, to conceal, and above all, easy to change it according to your fantasies. It will also be a perfect solution to simulate a sexual partner to sleep with and squeeze tenderly and lovingly.

What is Dakimakura?

The Dakimakura is a kind of pillow widespread in Japan. It is generally used for babies or young children. Some adults also use it to sleep, out of habit, or reduce their loneliness at night.

At the beginning of the 90s, during the great boom of video games and the globalization of Japanese anime, the dakimakura attracts derivative objects' manufacturers. Its use and its ease of customization make this simple pillow a cult and must-have object for fans! Many anime characters or video games find their place on the Dakimakura. Many companies specialized in the production and trade of this pillow! In Japan, each anime character has its Dakimakura! Of course, who says anime says doujin, egore and any other Hentai video.

This simple pillow becomes a perfect accessory to plunge its owner into an erotic atmosphere! Its size and its shape also make it possible to imagine other uses other than sleeping with… Like masturbation, for example! Appears to simulate an existing sexual partner! With this new utility, its shape, materials, and sizes have quickly evolved! Many Dakimakura look more like real sex doll than pillows!

The perfect accessory for Onaholes and Meiki!

If you are already a regular onahole user or are just discovering, you have probably already seen these big erotic pillows. These famous Dakimakura are very popular with onaholes and pocket pussy lovers. They are generally specially equipped to accompany your masturbation in the best conditions.
The main characteristic of the erotic Dakimakura is the possibility to fix the onahole of your choice on the cushion itself. The method of fixing varies according to the models and materials of the Dakimakura. Some of them are fixed with a simple lace; others are simply fixed with air pressure for the inflatable models.

No need to hold the masturbator by hand anymore! You can then use your hip swivel. Your simple pocket pussy becomes a real Large onahole! You can experience different positions as a real sexual act. Especially as you can change the onahole that you fix with a simple touch of your hand, this time you can very easily vary the pleasures according to your fantasies and preferences of the day. Some Dakimakura even have 2 or 3 attachments to accommodate all types of onahole: vaginal, anal, mouth. You will find your happiness!

The second advantage of these wonderful cushions is that you can customize them with your favorite characters or accessories like boobs.

Many masturbation pillows have a simple shape. They very often come with a wide range of accessories such as pillowcases. As I already told you, some Dakimakura look more like real sex dolls. They are usually inflatable and can with the shape of a woman's body. So you can dress them in exciting underwear. No matter which Dakimakura model you choose, you can choose your favorite accessories from a wide range of pillowcases and underwear.

There are countless Hentai, eroge, and JAV actresses available in pillowcases specially designed for Dakimakura for simple and standard shapes. All you have to do is check the size and shape to choose. The characters that excite you the most can now become your sexual partner.

Type of pillow

Pillow-shaped Dakimakura are the most popular. They can be of the same material as pillows or inflatable. Their sizes and shapes can vary. Therefore, they are straightforward to customize and, above all, to conceal. They are perfect for onahole users. Nevertheless, they can also be used as a pillow, can't they?

Type sex doll

These Dakimakura are, as you can imagine, with feminine shapes. Like the Large Onahole, they can have different shapes like hips, buttocks, or lower body. Some elementary ones in the shape of a long bolster. Some even have a pillow part with a leg part!

After reading this article, I hope you have found a good reason to change your pillows or find a new way to use them. Websites and shops specializing in Japanese products are full of such articles. You will find them very easily.