All you need to know about male masturbation audio or Hypnotic Masturbation?
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All you need to know about male masturbation audio or Hypnotic Masturbation?

You already know that we Japanese are always pushing the limits to their extremes and continually explore new kinky things. And when it has to do with sex or masturbation, we are even more serious! Do you still think that only your penis can bring you to heaven?

Is shaking hands with the milkman the only way to make you ejaculate and reach orgasm? If this is the case, you're really out of the loop!

But don't worry, I'm here to get you up to speed. I will introduce you to masturbation under hypnosis. In recent years, hypnotic masturbation or auditive male masturbation has become more and more popular in Japan. Masturbation that works the brain and not the wrist! Open up your ears!

What is hypnotic masturbation?

Surely you must know what hypnosis is, right? I'm not going to tell you everything about this new practice. Wikipedia does it much better than me! However, I'm not sure you know what hypnotic masturbation is.

Hypnotic Masturbation is masturbation that consists of hypnotizing your brain using one of the most developed senses in humans - hearing. Through its exciting sound and a sensual, charming, and sexually explicit voice, hypnosis dedicated to male masturbation.

Those male masturbation audio contents can allow you to feel sensations of pleasure and sometimes even reach orgasm losing your mind control.

This type of masturbation stimulates your brain through hearing and completely different from watching porn videos. It transmits to your body emotions and feelings that are utterly different from mechanical masturbation.

The goal is to reach the subconscious mind within each of us and to awaken hidden sexual desires. Hypnotic masturbation can be said to be mental masturbation. Simply put, you put yourself in a comfortable atmosphere and let yourself be aroused by a voice.

Hypnotic masturbation has spread enormously in Japan. You can even find boxes with onahole including male masturbation audio such as CD or downloadable contents on the internet.

A completely different and intense pleasure!

Hypnotic masturbation is divided into two stages.

The first one is simply the hypnosis part. We put our brain in relaxation mode and let ourselves be hypnotized without resistance. Once hypnotized, the second is the erotic stage. During this part, our brain sends pleasure signals to our body.

Our subconscious wakes up and gives us sensations related to the pleasure to reach orgasm. For some of the erotic phase, touch, via mechanical masturbation or stimulation of other body parts with your hand or an onahole, will be necessary. You don't control much. Your movements are guides by the voice that hypnotizes you.

In Japan, this type of hypnotic orgasm is called " セルフタむプ " DRY type. For others, the most experienced at this practice, orgasm can be reached without touching the penis, the "ドラむタむプ " the "dry type." According to those who are capable, the orgasm will be exceptional! Another world!

How to practice hypnosis masturbation?

To begin hypnotic masturbation, you must first be open and receptive to hypnosis. Hypnosis is a kind of trance, and you must almost have the desire to be hypnotized. I know it's not easy.

I, too, was initially very skeptical, and I thought hypnosis was a joke! But after trying it, I can confirm that it works! Of course, it takes a little but of practice and training to be able to be hypnotized perfectly. It's mental training! Here are some notions that might help you to start practicing hypnosis masturbation!

Choosing the audio

At first, you need to choose the type of male masturbation audio that will hypnotize you. You must then choose a voice that suits you. This voice will necessarily be different for everyone. Choose a sensual voice capable of giving you sexual desires or impulses.

This voice will also have to be reassuring because you will have to be somehow subjected to this voice, follow it, and obey it during your hypnosis session. In short, you must not choose a voice that does not remind you of your ugly college math teacher.


In Japan, the sale of audiobooks is booming. And guess what's in the top 10 sales? Male masturbation audio contents with voices for hypnotic masturbation. There are all kinds of them! With stories, scenarios from the craziest to the most carnal. Hypnotic masturbation has spread enormously.

You can even find boxes with onahole and CD or audio downloadable on the internet. Obviously, depending on the audio, the voices can be those of hentai anime characters or real-life characters such as JAV actresses who lend themselves to the game of narration.

In male masturbation audio contents, you will find scenarios and stories with coarse voices to make you submit like a little dog, or stories with soft voices or sensuality, suggesting delicate gestures that will make you reach an extreme excitement.

For beginners, it is advisable to start hypnotic masturbation using the Self type, as explained above. So choose audio in which the voice submits you to touch yourself.

Relaxing environment

Before pressing the "Play" button, you must be in a quiet and relaxing place. To be successfully hypnotized, you need an environment where the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant. The easiest way to do this is to put yourself in the most relaxed and comfortable position to listen to the voice that will hypnotize you.

In your bed, for example, or on a yoga mat on the floor. Since this remains masturbation, also put yourself in a sensual and existing atmosphere. You need to create an environment in which you can have fantasy sex. Try darkening the room or changing the room temperature to help you relax.

A new trend that has only just begun

Hypnotic masturbation is a kind of trance that requires practice. You shouldn't give up practicing if you fail during the first attempt. It will also sometimes be necessary to listen to a loop of audio to immerse yourself entirely and adapt yourself to this type of conditioning.

The more the feeling of immersion increases, the stronger the hypnotic effect and the deeper the pleasure. By repeating the hypnotic masturbation, your resistance to hypnosis will gradually fade.

In recent years, videos on YouTube and other platforms such as YouPorn increased a lot. It seems that the public for this kind of masturbation is demanding. Who would have guessed that hypnosis could be so popular for masturbation? Does it tempt you?