Why is Cosplay so popular?

Why is Cosplay so popular?

Since the dawn of time, human beings and their civilizations have always used disguises and uniforms for various reasons. To hunt and camouflage themselves, to mark a hierarchy, and for religious reasons. Of course, the list of reasons is much longer. Ancient peoples disguised themselves to worship gods and mythical characters to reconstruct stories specific to their culture. Our modern societies do the same for Halloween, Venice Carnival, Christmas by dressing up as Santa Clausโ€ฆ Cosplay has the power of immersing ourselves in an atmosphere. Capable of taking us out of reality.

The Japanese and their ability to create imaginary worlds for anime and video games have obviously perpetuated this practice to the extreme. More than a fashion, Cosplay has become an art and a way of life for many Japanese. Cosplay has been adapted to all aspects of human life. Sex is obviously part of it and has not escaped the practice of Cosplay. Why is Cosplay so popular? Why is it practiced around the world?

What makes Cosplay so unique?

Unlike film characters played by actors and actresses, fictional characters often have an imaginary appearance. This appearance can be a conception of perfection, unreal physical forms, or merely a hair color. Fictional characters often have an almost perfect appearance and generally very close to the criteria of universal beauty. Animations and video games allow creators to idealize their characters by giving them a physical appearance that reflects their charisma and personality. That is sometimes inaccessible to ordinary actors.

Consequently, their incarnation in the real world provokes emotions of all kinds. By seeing these characters come to life in reality, everyone can identify or project their attraction in a tangible way. This sensation gives everyone a feeling of pleasure. This feeling can be easily perceptible when you look at the emotions emanating from the face of a small child who sees a person dressed in Christmas costumes. For adults, this phenomenon can be reproduced identically, especially in the area of sex. Cosplay is the best way to bring out emotions, sensations, or impulses.

Cosplay outfits are more and more studied for erotic characters. The costumes are generally lively, creative, with a fantastic range of colors and exciting designs. If you have any doubts about this, look at the social networks and your number of people practicing Cosplay for sexual purposes! Practitioners usually have tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers.

Why does Cosplay make sex more exciting?

First of all, sex is closely linked to the notions of stimulation, fantasy, and excitement. All these notions are entirely transmitted by Cosplay, which makes it possible to satisfy each one's sexual desires. Cosplay has the indisputable faculty to create an atmosphere according to the disguise used.

Therefore when a cosplay of erotic nature is used, an erotic and existing atmosphere is created. Being in disguise immerses you in the universe of your choice and lets your fantasies come to life. You can therefore simulate sexual intercourse with a character that exists for you. It also gives you the impression of being someone else, of playing a role that stimulates you.

Also, for some couples, it is the perfect way to break the routine during sex. If you eat pasta every day, the pasta will hang out of your eyes. The same feeling can occur with sex. So Cosplay can remedy this feeling of routine and help you thrive in your sex life. It has been scientifically proven that appearance and visual attraction are triggers for sexual desire and stimulation for men. Take the example of the same woman wearing a garter belt or horse breeches. She will have absolutely different sex appeal.

Cosplay provides the same effect on a larger scale by immersing cosplayers in the world of their choice that they fantasize about. Cosplay can change a sexual partner's appearance from head to toe and make her look different from reality.

Dressing up and practicing Cosplay can also bring back the freshness and excitement of the first time and make sex much more joyful. While disguised, you can use sex toys like onaholes and other toys that stimulate you the most.

The Best way to express yourself.

Cosplay makes sex more existing because it allows you to simulate experiences that may be impossible for you in reality. For example, that makes your fantasy, having sex with a policewoman, a nurse, a fairy, a student (adult), or any other character that will stimulate you the most. I'm sure you've always had a sexual attraction and dream of making love to your favorite manga character! Anything is possible by practicing Cosplay. Once you disguise, it will also be much easier for you to create an atmosphere and imagine scenarios that will immerse you in an exciting atmosphere. Cosplay will also allow you to create situations and role-playing games out of your imagination.

Cosplay is also a very healthy way to release your sexual urges and inclinations in a playful and fun way. Your sexual tendencies will be openly exposed to others without shame and without hiding. The atmosphere that Cosplay produces makes it very joyful and easy for you to express yourself sexually. Disguise is the healthiest tool to release your urges and fantasies in the open.

Fun and respect for everyone.

The popularity of Cosplay continues to grow all over the world. Thousands of Cosplay practitioners of all origins are exhibiting and posing on social networks to share their universe and fantasy with you. I am convinced that you will find new sources of inspiration and excitement that you have never seen before if you go and take a look at these profiles. The sex-toys site all have pages with Cosplay products, and the sales keep increasing year after year. Also, in Japan, erotic Cosplayers gatherings are held every year and attract many visitors. The pictures are published in many magazines and blogs. It has even become a profession for some.

Cosplay can be practiced at any age and has no limit in terms of imagination. You should also know that not all Cosplay is sexualized and can only be the pleasure of dressing up to have fun at a party with friends or on a special occasion. When it comes to practicing Cosplay for sexual purposes, everything is allowed under conditions. You must respect your partner at all levels and not force a disguise or an unwanted sexual practice. The goal of Cosplay is to create a joyful, fun, and exciting atmosphere in the respect and well-being of all!

Stay tuned and safe!