Can I get real orgasm with an onahole?
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Can I get real orgasm with an onahole?

The only and best ally of a man without a sexual partner is masturbation. It can help us forget the loneliness and sadness of not having a girlfriend. When masturbating, your sex life can be more or less fulfilled... In any case, slightly more than at a standstill. For those of you who wonder if too much masturbation is bad for your health, it's around here.

There are many sex toys to help you with the job. All are not created equal and do not give you the same sensations. For a great number of men, the Onahole is one if not THE best way to get the leek. Japanese Onaholes are one step ahead of sex toys in general. Their wide range of materials and internal structure have already seduced many men around the world.

Yes, we know that onaholes are a real source of pleasure, but can I get real orgasm with an onahole?

Obviously, the best place to reach orgasm is a cute lady's pussy.  The Japanese manufacturers know this quite well. That's why many onaholes reproduce the vagina of Japanese adult actresses. These toys guarantee the same feelings as if you were in the middle of a love affair with the actress.

You don't believe me? Just continue reading to learn more about the 2 main factors that will allow you to reach a real orgasm even when using an onahole: intensity and stimulation.

It will be impossible for me to grade how it feels, but I will do my best to give you an idea of the efficiency of an Onahole. Two key points matter: Intensity and stimulation!

What is Onahole’s intensity?

The first thing that comes into play when it comes to intensity is the narrowness of the hole in your onahole. Basically, if the shape of your penis is more like a carrot than a baseball bat or even an elephant trunk, the choice of narrowness will have a significant impact on the intensity you will get from your onahole.

Every reader of this article will have a different size and shape of the penis between the legs. Hence, it is important to know your size because if you have an onahole with a too-tight hole, it may seem like a good thing at first glance, but it will probably be quite painful. If it's too tight, any texture inside will be compressed and flattened against your penis, which is not really a good thing because if it's flat and smooth, it will flatten.

It won't be textured because it will be crushed if that makes sense for you. So the first thing to consider is the size of your penis and the narrowness of the orifice. That's why many guys tend to like onaholes with larger holes to keep intact all the textures and sensations they can provide.

The second element to consider is what is your preferences are, what you like. I mean, do you prefer vaginal, anal, or oral penetration? To know your preferences in terms of feelings, you have to know what part of your penis you like to be stimulated.

It's just a matter of personal taste. An onahole that will be great for one guy may not provide much or no sensation at all to another.

How about Stimulation?

Regarding the stimulation, it is on the side of the texture that it happens. Indeed, it is the texture inside your onahole that will stimulate you most and thus will bring you to orgasm.

The sensations brought by the textures can be multiplied ten folds if they are different within the onahole. Textures that vary according to their depth inside the hole will bring much greater stimulation and be much more interesting in terms of pleasure than a simple smooth and flat masturbator. Here is a small presentation of the different textures existing concerning the Onahole.

The differences in texture are also a preference that you will have to take into consideration. It can be compared to a kind of pattern. The texture can be either the same all along the hole, or it can vary.  It's like music paper. Some people prefer that the tempo repeats itself and doesn't change.

Others may prefer that the tempo evolves or changes. A texture that varies is, in my opinion, much more stimulating, but it remains only my personal preference. A well detailed and varied texture will be key to maximum stimulation.

The material of your Onahole can also have a huge effect on your feelings. Again, this is a matter of individual sensitivity, but it is proven that the softer the material for many men, the less stimulation.

The reason for this is simply that the less rigid the material is, the more it will tend to crush, flatten, and become flat. Conversely, the stiffer the material is, the more it will resist your hand's pressure and thus retain the texture variations.

So take into account the material of your Onahole. You can learn more about the materials by reading our post here.

Other factors can be considered concerning the sensations of the Onahole, such as the lotions that are indispensable. Some of them can bring a warm feeling and add a lot of realism.

But the most important point is to know yourself well in terms of the size and shape of your penis and its sensitivity because the choice of your onahole and the achievement of your orgasm will be closely related to your own anatomy.

It's like tastes and colors. Everything is unique to each person. Countless Onhaoles offer many textures and materials, so take the time to discover them and find the one that suits you best.

If all these factors match, your pleasure will be multiplied tenfold, and I guarantee you a 99.9% real orgasm.