5 questions you have about onaholes?
About onahole

5 questions you have about onaholes?

Onaholes! The word in itself looks a bit weird and mysterious. We receive many questions about these little wonders daily, which I call "my precious." This article will provide you answers to some questions you may have before making the first step into the amazing world of self-pleasure devices.

What is an Onahole in the first place?

An onahole will mimic the shape of female genitals.  There are various items, from cheap and disposable items to high-end ones, that can remember the shape of your penis and fit you like a glove for optimal pleasure.

The origin of Onaholes in Japan is the Edo period. It seems that there was something called "Azumagata," but it is different from modern Onaho. Masturbation using konjac seems to have been the mainstream since that time, and onaholes have always been indispensable for men.

Each Onahole has its own characteristics, and some types can be used not only for pussy but also for blowjob and fucking. Some masturbators can be used alone or by fitting them into a love doll, so choosing the masturbator that suits you is an indispensable element in your masturbation life.

Can I use my new toy right away, or is there something to do after receiving it?

I have heard this question several times. Of course, I understand that receiving a new onahole is ramping up the excitement and the male brain suddenly focuses on only one thing, try it right away! But, here is some advice about what to do after receiving a brand new toy.

When you receive the masturbator, the first thing to do is to check for scratches or tears. If it's in a clear bag, check it carefully before opening it. If there are any scratches at this point, contact the store where you purchased the product immediately to have it returned or exchanged.

I can understand the feeling that I want to get rid of it immediately with the Onaho that arrived. However, it is important to check in advance, as many stores will not return the item once it has been used (because sperm and lotion will be attached …).

Also, don't forget to wash it thoroughly before using it for the first time. Most factories touch it with human hands when inspecting it before shipping, and powder and oil may adhere to it. If you do not wash it properly and use it with hard powder attached, your toy may become moldy. So be thorough when cleaning it.

After washing the Onaho thoroughly, let's prepare for use next time. First, check your privacy. If you live alone, make sure you lock the front door properly. In the case that you live with someone, lock your room. But if you don't have the key, make sure your co-resident has gone out.

Once you've confirmed that you're alone at home, you'll have all the tools you need. You also need masturbator lotion because it won't get wet with love juice like a real woman. Ready, steady, Fire!

Do I have to warm up my onahole?

Well, a woman pleasure box is warn, isn't it? So why should your onahole be cold?

Warm the masturbator to human skin temperature for more realism. A woman's vagina is slightly higher than her body temperature, so warming it from 35 to 37 degrees makes it more realistic. Even in the summer, it's a little colder than your body temperature, so it's important to warm it up a little. 

If you can afford it, you can use an Onahole Warmer. There are many USB type ones, so while looking for side dishes, the inside of Onaho is fluffy. However, if you leave it unattended, it can damage the onahole, so please warm it about 5 minutes before starting your masturbation workout. No more than that!

Another could alternative is to warm up the lotion. But ensure that the container is heat resistant. Proceed just like a baby bottle—no more than 30 secs at moderate power in the microwave. The last thing you want is to burn your penis! Safety first!

How to remove the air from the onahole?

It is an excellent question, and for those who have a massive penis, it is sometimes difficult to insert it in the onahole because of the air being present inside and the suction effect.

There are two main ways to remove air from the Onaho. Insert the penis all the way in, and then pull it out a little so that the air is stored at the tip of the onahole. The first method is to grasp the tip in that state and push out the air at once.

The second method is to squeeze the onahole first and gradually insert the penis from the state where the air is deflated. Since the inside is in a vacuum state, you can feel that the penis is sucked into the vagina. At this time, onahole lotion tends to overflow.

By adding the effort of "pulling out the air" in this way, the pressure on the dick is high, and it becomes super comfortable.

How to clean my onahole?

We actually wrote a dedicated article about this subject. But in a nutshell, please keep in mind that you MUST clean your onahole after each use.

You may find it cumbersome to wash because the lotion and sperm are mixed, but if you don't do this, you will not feel comfortable, and mold will grow. Unsanitary conditions can lead to venereal diseases, so master proper care.

Please follow these 5 easy steps:

STEP1: Rinse thoroughly with water

STEP2: Completely remove the lub and sperm using hand soap etc.

STEP3: Rinse the detergent thoroughly and drain water well

STEP4: Dry completely in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight