Why Made in Japan sex toys are so unique?
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Why Made in Japan sex toys are so unique?

As you know, the sex toy market in the world is a sector that is not in crisis. It is especially the case in Japan. Economic studies still announce record sales for the year 2021.

"Sex toys market in Japan to grow to USD 2,640.3 million by 2021, at a CAGR of almost 8% over the period 2017-2021".

Japanese manufacturers as the best in the world

These results and this growth make the happiness of Japanese manufacturers who do not hesitate to invest heavily in R&D to create small toys, realistic sex dolls, or male sex toys that will make us happy each year. The sex toy market in Japan is more than 100 new products per year and dozens of collaborations with the porn industry. Also a large number of exhibitions that attract tens of thousands of visitors.

Due to many manufacturers, the sex-toy industry in Japan is highly competitive. Their market is no longer restricted to the domestic market but the international market. In recent years and thanks to the democratization of online sales, Japanese masturbators and dildoes are in the hands of millions of people around the world.

Quality as the number one priority

Subject to criticism and feedback from all over the world, Japanese manufacturers have not changed their visions and working methods. However, their products are still as popular as ever and still delight their owners without exception.

Like the great Western companies, Japanese sex toy manufacturers have not all fallen into the trap of "all made in China.". Sex toys are a product not to be taken lightly. Indeed the products are in direct contact with the most sensitive and delicate parts of our anatomy.

The mistake is not allowed when it comes to the conception of a male masturbator or a female dildo. The materials, the safety, the knowledge of professionals are obviously essential. Japanese manufacturers have understood this.

The fact that "made in Japan" is synonymous with quality, safety, and ingenuity makes Japanese manufacturers and their products an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the world industry.

Try your sex-toys in Dildo bars

Also, it is possible to test your favorite dildo; it is even possible to go to places like the "VIBE BAR WILD ONE" in Shibuya. This bar allows you to discover many dildos and their vibrations in an unrealistic atmosphere. The Vibe Bar is so popular with curious Japanese women that it is necessary to book well in advance to access it.

Why choose Made in Japan?

I take the risk of repeating myself, but it is important to remember that the mention Made in Japan remains a sure value whatever the product. As I already told you, a sex toy is not a product like any other.

Their use requires direct contact with our body, our skin, our vaginal or anal orifices. The slightest failure or negligence in terms of sanitary rules can have terrible repercussions on the users' health. Japanese standards are among the strictest in the world.

It is well known that Japanese skin is very sensitive and requires special attention. Japanese lotions are manufactured by a cosmetics company that is an authority in Japan. Products that come into direct contact with the skin are subjected to food, allergy, and safety tests on the product itself, not on the material.

Stay tuned and safe!