AV actors share their secrets about JAV
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AV actors share their secrets about JAV

Unlike other countries, the Adult Film Industry in Japan (JAV) is considered a legal profession, and actors still in school are also allowed to work openly. It is a very lucrative industry. Actors earn as much as a regular movie actor, between 200,000 and 4 million yen on average per film.

With an attractive salary that meets "needs," many people think that a JAV actor must have a very "happy" life. The reality is much harsher when the ratio between male and female actors is very high, there are only about 70 professional male actors out of more than 10,000 female actors.

Lack of male actors

Shimiken - The 'king' of the 18+ series, once shared: "There are only 70 male actors, while there are up to 10,000 female actors. With a monthly frequency of 4,000 new films produced, it is clear that the number of male actors is not sufficient.

As a result, an actor must have intercourse with around 8,000 actresses in his whole career. In a day, he also has to "work" continuously for hours. According to Shimiken, he can ejaculate ten times a day, unlike normal people.


With a high frequency of work, consuming energy, and the threat of becoming "unstable," the JAV star must do so to maintain her own health and maintain a good "style." Many people think they are using a lot of Viagra, but in fact, it's not allowed, so what's the secret?

The secret of the JAV actor to stay in shape

Exercise regularly, eat in moderation, do not smoke or drink alcohol.
Shimiken, who has made over 7,000 pornographic films in the past 18 years, is considered the king of adult films in Japan. In this competitive environment, Shimiken must take his health seriously if he does not want to be fired immediately.

In one week, Shimiken has 4 days of high-intensity gymnastics for about 90 minutes. She has her own trainer for training his thighs and legs, and is frequently asked to lift weights to increase his muscle mass. These exercises not only help Shimiken to have a flexible and healthy body, but they can also produce the most effective testosterone (male hormone).


Shimiken at gym

In addition to maintaining his health, the king of JQV now has a very healthy diet. Shimiken even enlisted the help of a nutritionist. He eats a lot of protein, likes to eat chicken, eggs, beef, and fish. Thanks to this, Shimiken insists that he never needed Viagra to do his job.

He does not drink alcohol, beer, cigarettes, and other carbonated soft drinks because they are harmful. His bedtime is also very scientific. He usually goes to bed before 12 a.m. and gets up at 6 a.m. to go to the gym.

Eat eggs every day

84-year-old senior actor Tokuda Shigeo started entering the 18-plus industry in Japan quite late when he was more than half of his life. Although he is taller than other young actors, he maintains an extreme physical shape. His peers hailed him as a "sex expert," "the world's oldest sexy movie star."

Tokuda Shigeo

According to Mr. Tokuda, the secret for keeping your body in shape is to eat eggs every day. Since becoming a successful film actor, he has been eating eggs every day to improve his health. He often eats rice mixed with raw eggs and tries to maintain a constant healthy lifestyle.

In addition to focusing on diet, Shigeo Tokuda also pointed out that training the body and mind is essential for health. When there is a good state of mind, the body is healthy and continues to work.

Unlike other healthy young male actors, he will feel tired after a long shot if he does not train his body. Mr. Tokuda himself feels better; his mind is clearer. My soul is still young thanks to making hot movies.

Don't skip breakfast

Aoi Sora, currently considered one of the most expensive film industry players, starts his day with a breakfast of fruit and yogurt. According to Aoi, this way of eating helps him stay in shape and maintain his skin and health.

Anri Okita often starts her day with exercise. According to Anri, this is her way of maintaining her health under the pressure of work. In particular, this female star of adult cinema attaches great importance to breakfast.

The Okita breakfast is rich in protein such as beef, sausages, bread, fruits, vegetables. Unlike other female stars, Okita has no intention of going on a diet. When asked why, Okita said, β€œI need to eat everything and will exercise to lose weight. However, I will also try to eat an enzyme diet, not following a female model's image. "

Anri Okita

That's Anri Okita's secret that keeps her healthy when she has to work long hours, sometimes all day long, without getting tired.