Exclusive interview with a Japanese Adult Video director
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Exclusive interview with a Japanese Adult Video director

To be a director is one of the most exciting jobs in the Japanese Adult Video (JAV) industry for folks over 18 years old. In the eyes of many, directors in the AV industry may be a little strange because porn is only "sex." Who needs a director for that? That's not true! Many JAV films have scripts or scenarios, plots, and are just like normal movies.

An American-born JAV actress named June Lovejoys (24) interviewed Vagueman the director of Lunatics, a small studio located in Tokyo. On her Youtube channel, you will enjoy this interview and discover the hidden secrets of JAV and how to make a career in this industry.

June Lovejoy (JAV actress) and Vagueman (JAV director Lunatics Studio)

Starting a career as an assistant

This director is originally from Fukuoka but attended school in Yokohama. Then he looked for a job in Tokyo like many other young men. Vagueman's first post-graduate job was as an audiovisual studio assistant, but not in his current studio (Lunatics). When he was at school, Vagueman thought he would be an office worker in a publishing house for manga or novels.

However, the work was so tiring, and it would have been crazy to do so much work that the director decided that he preferred to be into "perverse" things. If I do the right thing with passion, I will be more beneficial to society. This is what he thought.

Every year, studios are continuously recruiting new people to work as assistants. However, not everyone can last more than three days, 1 week at the maximum. When people asked him why he was staying, Vagueman answered that he was thinking about more than 18 things in every single day.

Even on the studio offices' walls filled with audiovisual packages, beginners are put huge pressure to come up with new content and new ideas.

Director Toru Muranishi who changed the JAV industry

Vagueman has nine years of experience in the JAV industry, but this is only his 2nd year as a director. During his second year as an assistant, the studio's former president asked him if he wished to be a director. He declined as he thought it was too early for him to be behind the camera.

What he learned from anime-manga is that the male lead character will always believe that "scripts" like this one are too fast. He refused until he felt ready to finally become a director.

Talking about his first movie, Director V felt terrible and very sorry for all those who supported him in the making of this movie. Even now, V wants to forget about it. Initially, Vagueman had only planned to make one movie, so his dream was already fulfilled.

Even though the film was terrible, he loved being a director, so he continued his career. Everybody supported him too, praising the way he did so well. There was absolutely no way though that said the film will sell well.

Vagueman himself also said that his dreams were to direct movies and that stopping would be quite tricky. "When I started working as an assistant, it was challenging and tiring. You have to do it from dawn to dusk. I even cried under pressure after being scolded by his elder brother".

He had planned to retire from the porn industry and was planning to move on to a mainstream filmmaking career instead of directing audiovisual films. Instead, he changed his views about JAV filmmaking and decided to stay.

About Lunatics Studio

Lunatics is a small studio founded earlier this year. There only have two directors, Vageman and the president of the studio, assisted by a producer.

According to Vagueman, there are two types of directors: context, genre, and drama. Others, like him, focus on exploiting the beauty and sensuality of the actress's physique. The three Lunatics team members carried out the launch of the AV project. As with any start-up, they did all from concept to script.

Many people think that getting into the JAV industry is a lot of fun, like watching free adult movies and chatting with women on webcam. That's only part of the story. But being an assistant will teach the hard way what it really is.

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In the common film industry, there are many hands and team members for all required tasks. But there is no such thing as numerous assistants in the JAV industry. The budget is too limited. So from setting up the camera, shooting, feeding the actors, everything is being handled by a single assistant. They are the Superman of the Japanese Adult Video industry. They do everything.

How would you feel about being a director? They have separate directors and writers in classic cinema gender. In JAV, you have to plan, write scripts, shoot, even edit the footage by yourself. You are the whole team. As far as the shooting part is concerned, many directors only shoot and do not edit. Vagueman also does editing though as he thinks it's the best part of his job.

The young director has a suggestion for those looking to work in the porn video industry: "you must get used to thinking about 18+ content all day long and watching movies all the time. This job is easy to start because it doesn't require any training or previous experience, but it is quite challenging to keep on with the average pace. Most of all, it is very challenging to be challenging in an industry that produces so many movies.